Time to go our separate ways – Daniel Bajusz of Oakland, CA

Anytime…Night or Day – Kim Fitzsimmons of Holt Summit, MO

Five More Minutes, Please – Mike Alcoran of Buena Park, CA

Morning – Sandra Rouse of Colorado Springs, CO

Well Worn – Gigi Embrechts of Littleton, CO



Torn – Danielle Torres of Brooklyn, NY

Her throne was magic – Brittany Johnson of Edmond, OK

Do you know me? – Sacha Sanborn of Columbus, OH

The Bride – Michael Harris of Miami, FL

Tyrant – Brad Wagner of Missoula, MT

Moving On – Dick Pitini of Powatan, VA

Everythings Magic – Nicole Matthews of Rocky River, OH

Plague Doctor Mask Portrait – David Pritchard of Austin, TX

The Collector – Mary Beth Koeth of Miami Beach, FL

Archduchess Antoinette – Michael Rosner of Burbank, CA



Whale Kite – Vonelle Swanson of Lincoln City, OR

Gone fishin – Richard Waters of Broken Arrow, OK

Sharing a Smoke – Marcellus Nealy of Cleveland, OH

Self Portrait of Henry Jekyll – Michael Bilotta of Worcester, MA

Let My Machine Talk To Me – Heather Evans Smith of Winston-Salem, NC

Twins – Nicholas Scarpinato of Stafford, VA