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Charles Pugh responds to federal lawsuit

Disgraced former Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh submitted his responses to a federal lawsuit claiming he tried to manipulate a teenager he mentored at a Detroit Public School high school into having sex with him.

3 sought in crime spree

3 sought in string of violent crimes across Michigan

Three people wanted in connection to a string of violent crimes across the state, including stabbing a woman in metro Detroit, are the focus of a nationwide manhunt. Investigators said the three are so dangerous, the U.S. marshals are involved in…

Grosse Pointes see spike in bike thefts

Bike thefts on the rise in the Grosse Pointes

It’s common to hear of money, jewelry or cars being constantly stolen all over metro Detroit. But in some areas, bikes are the popular choice of thieves.

Weather Tuesday night Detroit

Forecast: Oppressive night ahead

We really need some rain right now, so hopefully we get some soakers, although I’m concerned that the activity will be scattered and some of us won’t get a drop.

Craigslist car seller

State police seek man selling stolen SUVs with fake titles

He's been selling nice vehicles such as Ford Explorers and GMC Yukons at great prices, but there's a catch.

Judge Rhodes and Detroit graphic

Plan of adjustment approved; what's next?

Bankruptcy lawyer Doug Bernstein, of Plunkett Cooney, says nothing is signed, sealed and delivered until Judge Steven Rhodes says it is.

Theodore Wafer April 4

Jury seated for deadly porch shooting trial

More than two dozen people were dismissed Tuesday before a judge and lawyers finally seated a jury.

Shooting stabbing DPD 2nd precinct

Police shoot man who stabbed boyfriend outside precinct

Detroit police say a man driving a white sport utility vehicle was on his way to the precinct while fleeing another man.

House burns Royal Oak 6

House destroyed by fire in Royal Oak

The house is a complete loss, but firefighters kept the fire from spreading to nearby homes.

2005 Chrysler Jeep Grand Cherokee


Chrysler recalls Jeeps for ignition switches

Chrysler says it's not sure exactly how many will be recalled.

Gunman robs Walgreens Fraser

Video: Gunman robs Fraser Walgreens

The video shows him sneaking up to ambush the young clerk who was working in one of the aisles.


NB Lodge Freeway reopens at Linwood after crash

The northbound side of the Lodge Freeway has reopened at Linwood Avenue in Detroit after temporarily closing Tuesday due to a multiple-vehicle crash. 


School Closings

There is currently 1 closing/delay in effect.