Downtown Ann Arbor businesses celebrate young artists through artwork displays

Event takes place annually

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Now that it is getting warmer outside you can actually enjoy a walk. And here in Ann Arbor you can also enjoy somewhat of an outdoor art gallery thanks to the students here.  

It may not be the art fair but there sure is a lot of art to be seen in downtown Ann Arbor. From drawings of kittens to paintings of a sunrise, you can see it all. 

"There is a lot of art to be seen around downtown," said David Owens. 

Participating downtown shops and restaurants have the artwork posted on their windows so anyone can come by and enjoy the work. 

"I think it is great. It makes it seem like more of a community and the connection between the business community and schools," Laura Van Tassel.   

The artwork you see on display is all made by students from Ann Arbor Public Schools. From beginner artists all the way to the extremely talented high school seniors. 

"I like walking by and kind of stopping and saying, 'look at that, it kind of makes my day a little bit better,'" said Jacob Blachowicz. 

This event is something downtown Ann Arbor does every year to celebrate their youth artists and emphasize the value of art education. 

"I think it is a wonderful thing a lot of art programs get cut across the country for various reasons," said Rebecca Marston.  

If you want to check out this beautiful art you’ve got until the end of the month. 

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