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Teens pelt Tesla with eggs in Ann Arbor; owner left with costly mess

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – A Meijer in Ann Arbor draws certain customers with its Tesla charging stations, but now one customer wants to know if vandals targeted him because of the car he drives.

The Tesla driver said teens egging his car has turned into a costly problem. The teens responsible for the vandalism might not be aware that the man's Tesla was recording the entire incident.

The video shows four people in a Cadillac SUV pull up and start pelting Darin Lee's Tesla with eggs.

"I think they were going to cover my car with all five-dozen eggs. They saw me and took off real quick," Lee said.

At first, Lee didn't think the eggs did any damage, but after washing his car, he found fine scratches to paint on the front grill, which he said can cost $800.

What the front camera of his Tesla captured led Lee to speak to police. Police told him he may not have been the only Tesla greeted by eggs at the charging station.

Lee uses the car to help his disabled roommate. He hopes someone can ID the suspects because even if it was a prank it was a costly one.

Lee said Meijer is reviewing the video from inside the store and will turn over any evidence to police.

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