Here’s what to watch this week at virtual Michigan Theater 05/18 - 05/24

Check out what’s playing this week

Michigan Theater is located at 603 E. Liberty St. Photo | Sarah M. Parlette

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – The Ann Arbor independent theater has been offering Ann Arborites and film fans new movies every week to enjoy at home.

Movies can be rented online and streamed through different devices like phones, tablets, laptops and smart TVs.

The Michigan Theater has partnered with several film distribution companies to receive some of the proceeds from virtual tickets sales to benefit the Michigan Theater Foundation.

Buy tickets through the theater website.

Add to the at-home cinema experience by ordering popcorn and other concession items from the theater for curbside concession pickup.

New films this week:

These films will be available for rent on Friday.


Not rated -- $12

Conductor Eduard Sporck accepts the task of creating an Israeli-Palestinian youth orchestra but is forced to help the conflicting youth to find harmony while they prepare for a concert.

Diana Kennedy: Nothing Fancy

Not rated -- $9.99

The documentary follows the life of two-time James Beard Award winner Diana Kennedy with extensive interviews.

Life in Synchro

Not rated -- $10

Combining the journeys of different synchronized skaters around the United States, the documentary follows the lesser-known sport and the teams and individuals dedicated to it.

Life Itself

R -- $5

Based on film critic Robert Ebert’s memoir “Life Itself,” the documentary looks at Ebert’s life, his influence and his career.

Military Wives

Not rated -- $4.99

A group of women whose partners are serving in Afghanistan come together to form the first military wives choir. The women find themselves to be the center of international attention and fame.

Memorial Day Organ Concert

A Michigan Theater original, the Memorial Day concert will last all weekend on the Michigan Theater YouTube page. Listen to a program of music played on the theater’s restored Barton organ.

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Here’s what is already playing:


Not rated -- $10

Two families try to escape East Germany in a self-made hot-air balloon but race against the clock to repair it after a fateful crash.

This film is free to Michigan Theater gold members.

Best of Cat Video Fest: Creature Comforts Edition!

Not rated -- Donation-based

Watch 40-minutes of the internet’s best cat videos.

The Booksellers

Not rated -- $9.99

A 99-minute documentary about the world of antiquarian booksellers.

Capital in the Twenty-First Century

Not rated -- $12

Based on the book “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” by economist Thomas Piketty, the documentary combines interviews and popular cultural references to explore the interchange of money, power, inequality and poverty throughout history.


Not rated -- $9.99

The French-language film follows a deerskin-clad middle-aged divorcee into a French Alpine village where he pretends to be a filmmaker and recruits an aspiring editor to help him.


Not rated -- $10 (with Michigan Theater discount code)

As single mother Kathy cleans out her late sister’s house, she realizes how little she knew of her sister. Meanwhile, her son Cody befriends Korean War veteran Del and slowly gains the confidence to come out of his shell.


Not rated -- $12

Award-winning “José” follows a young gay man as he navigates living in conservative Guatemala City, new feelings in a new relationship, self-reflection and survival.

On a Magical Night

Not rated -- $12

After arguing with her husband, Maria spends a night in room 212 rethinking her marriage, past loves and the lives she might have had if she has made different choices. This comedy/drama is presented in French with English subtitles.

Our Mothers (Nuestras Madres)

Not rated -- $12

A Spanish language drama, “Our Mothers” is about anthropologist Ernesto and his search to find clues about his missing father against the wishes of his family.


PG -- $5

Follow the life and career of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as she puts her mark on law, highlights discrimination and becomes unexpected pop culture icon, Notorious RBG.

Spaceship Earth

Not rated -- $3.99

Starting in 199, eight people spent two years in a self-engineered replica of Earth’s ecosystem called BIOSPHERE 2. The documentary follows the biosphere experiment and those involved.

Up From The Streets: New Orleans – The City of Music

Not rated -- $12

The feature-length documentary examines the city of New Orleans through its musical history, culture and community. The film includes archival footage of performances and interviews with New Orleans musicians.

What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael

Not rated -- $12

The 2019 documentary follows the life of film critic Pauline Kael from her time at “The New Yorker” to her considerable influence over film directors and producers. Various filmmakers comment on her influence and talent within the documentary and some of Kael’s reviews will be voiced by Sarah Jessica Parker.

Why Can’t I Be Me? Around You

Not rated -- $12

Winner of the aut FILM Award for Best LGBTQ Film at the Ann Arbor Film Festival, the documentary follows Rusty Tidenberg for eight years as she deals with the aftermath of coming out as transgender to be her authentic self.

The film is free for AAFF members and Michigan Theater gold members.

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