Ann Arbor woman freed using Jaws of Life after ‘stuck fetish’ video goes wrong

Sydney Jo, 27, was stuck in a folding chair before the fire department freed her using the Jaws of Life (Sydney Jo/TikTok / Via

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – An Ann Arbor woman needed help from the fire department’s Jaws of Life after getting stuck in a folding chair while making a “stuck fetish” video.

Sydney Jo, 27, was 30 minutes into filming a video for her audience when she realized she was actually stuck, BuzzFeed News reported.

“I’ve done dozens of videos, and I’ve had times before where I’ve panicked and thought that I couldn’t get out of something, but I’ve always pushed myself through it, no matter how bad it hurts,” she told BuzzFeed News.

“I’ve had to unscrew things before but I’ve never actually been entirely stuck like that, it was honestly really scary.”

She told Buzzfeed that video creators like herself are paid $1.99 per minute for viewers to watch as creators put themselves in compromising positions and free themselves.

Jo has reportedly made fetish content for nine years and has grown a following for her “stuck” videos.

She was helped by the fire department after appealing to her audience for help on TikTok live. Jo then filmed as emergency workers arrived.

The clip, now on TikTok, has over 11 million views and shows the fire department having to use the Jaws of Life after bolt cutters couldn’t free Jo from the folding chair.

The video has garnered over 10 thousand comments, 1.1 million “likes” and has been shared 37,500 times.



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Buzzfeed News reported Jo told emergency responders that she did it for a school project, not wanting to explain the “stuck fetish” content.

The original video of Jo stuck in the folding chair has almost 2 million views, over 108 thousand “likes” and over 1,6000 comments.

Find it here.

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