Say ‘yes’ to silent disco on Ann Arbor’s Main Street this Friday

ANN ARBOR – Dance and express yourself during a silent disco on Main Street between 6 p.m.-10 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 12.

As one of the Say Yes Fest events planned this month, the disco will include 300 headsets and music curated by DJs from Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and Detroit. There will also be street art, performances and surprises, according to the social media event.

Say Yes Fest is a schedule of creative events hosted by Express Your Yes Foundation -- an arm of Now Studios on University Avenue -- throughout August and September.

Other plans for the festival include live and online script reading, improv, concerts, theatrical events and karaoke.

RSVP to Friday’s silent disco here.

According to the Express Your Yes website:

“All are invited to ‘say yes’ to fearlessly expressing their creativity through a variety of mediums and playful civic discourse during a celebratory and revelatory month dedicated to exploring ways to create a society based on Love rather than Profit.

“It’s time for over-the-top realness to stir the conscience of our nation -- time to strain the anger from our story and drain the disappointment; grief into gasoline and rage into revo-love-ution.

“Say Yes Fest is a chance to megaphone the margins & gently shake society from our collective slumber, safely taking us outside our comforts, beyond the binary, into a non-linear cosmic dressing room with unlimited opportunities to unzip our spines and step out; to recast the movie & edit the scripts of our lives.”

Find the full list of Say Yes Fest events at online right here.

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