Detroit bus riders aren't bashful when it comes to saying how they feel about the city's system.

"They don't wait for you. I was at the bus beating on the bus and the bus pulled off like I wasn't even standing there," said rider Shawn Howard.

Fellow rider Rommelll said he has to get up two hours early because the buses he takes are always late.

"Every day I'm late because the buses aren't starting yet," he said.

Riders say they have noticed less and less buses on the streets. And, according to numbers released by the Detroit Mayor's Office, they're right.

In June 2010, there were 285 coaches ferrying riders. That number dropped to 142 in June of this year and now stands at 80 as of Sept. 11.

"It is unfortunate that some AFCSME and ATU members are holding riders hostage in retaliation for necessary and common sense budget reductions. DDOT mechanics and drivers need to provide the services they are paid to provide," Detroit Mayor Dave Bing said in a statement.

AFCSME Local 312 President Leamon Wilson said there isn't a slowdown or sabotaging being done by mechanics.

"Twenty-six mechanics laid off and over 30 folks retired and weren't replaced. So, 'bout a month and a half ago, the mayor made the decision to send down the order to cut overtime," Wilson said.

The Detroit City Council has planned a 10 a.m. public hearing at City Hall to discuss the issue. Local 4 will be there. We're also collecting bus complaints from viewers to bring to the meeting. Tell us what problems you have by sending your comments to