If you wonder why your weight-loss diet leaves your weight unchanged but your appetite ravenous, it could be the low-calorie foods you're eating.

According to Shine on Yahoo, here are some of the top "skinny" foods that could make you hungry:

Lite Yogurt The sweetness gets your stomach kick-started but doesn't give you enough to digest and leaves you hungrier than when you started eating.

Rice Cakes, Puffed Cereal Rice cakes and puffed cereal with skim milk are mostly air without much nutritional value. They may also cause your blood sugar to drop.

Large Green Salads Big green salads with low-fat dressing can also leave you hungry. The salad can be high in fiber, but low in protein. Also, beware of low-fat dressings that are loaded with sugar.

Chewing Gum Chewing gum is a stealthy saboteur. The flavor of the gum gets your stomach going, but leaves it with nothing to digest.