Witness contacted by FBI to get info about his donation.

Witness looking at check stub. Asked controller to give it to the FBI. Check to Civic Fund for $10,000 dated June 21st 2006.

KCF 90A- following year. Another check for $10,000 from law firm to the Civic Fund. Dated July 18th 2007.

Witness says check would not have been issued without his authorization.

A third donation: KCF 91- Letter dated June 4th 2008, enclosing another contribution of $10,000 to the Civic Fund and "the city of Detroit" because that was their understanding what the donation was for.

Letter sent to Ron Zajac stating "pleased to participate in donation."

Kept check stub for donation on June 4th 2008.

Bullotta says 3 checks totaling $30,000, did you believe they would be used for personal expenses? No to the contrary.

Thomas objects.

Witness says he believed the contributions were being made to benefit the citizens of Detroit and would be used for both civic and educational purposes.

Witness says he absolutely believed contribution would not be used for personal puposes.

9:13AM Jim Thomas cross examines.

You firm engaged in working with city of Detroit? Correct.

Who solicited the money? The letter I read was from Mr. Pappas but we were in contact with Ron Zajac.

Do you know Mr. Zajac? I do.

Have you worked with him in relation to Detroit pension systems? That is correct.

How are you asked to donate money? We represent pension systems all over the country and all over the world and are frequently asked to make donations. We were asked to make contribution at a time that Detroit was having fiscal issues so we were happy to do that.

Witness says he recollects from conversation, can't remember the year or specific words, Ron basically saying the Civic Fund for the benefit of citizens of Detroit and educational purposes. They were raising funds and would we consider making a contribution.

Witness says people generally don't like check for these purposes without being asked.

Not just for the Civic Fund but other charities asks Thomas? Yes.

$10,000 maybe large for us and the jury but not uncommon for your firm? No. Not an insignificant amount of money but make donations like that all the time.

Not improper? We wouldn't do it if it was.

Not only for civic purpose but gives your firm exposure to people working in city of Detroit? I don't know what you mean by exposure. We benefit from relations with pension funds in Detroit. We give back to charities. in this case, a particular need was signaled to us because of fiscal issues the city was facing.

You were giving to KCF and not the city of Detroit? Yes. Let me clarify we didn't distinguish. We thought this would be the vehicle through which the city would benefit.

Do you know the difference between a 501c and 501c4? No.