9:02AM Video just turns on. Guess we're getting a pretty late start today. The defendants are all sitting at the table already. Kwame Kilpatrick is in a dak suit and tie, reading from his daily book.

9:06AM Judge Nancy Edmunds enters the courtroom

9:07AM Matt Allen approaches the witness stand again. Allen, former press secretary for the ex mayor, testified yesterday.

John Shea cross examines.

Hired in 2006? Yes.

Office on the 11th floor? Yes.

There on daily basis? Yes.

Aware that mayor had to make day to day important decisions? Yes.

Like many leaders in addition to office staff had small group of advisers he relied on? Yes.

Some in city government and some not even city employees? Yes.

Bernard Kilpatrick on of those people? Yes.

Did you meet Bernard prior to taking the job in 2006? Yes. Bernard at table shaking head yes.

He had experience as politician? Yes.

Savvy? That was his reputation, yes.

Kwame and father had close relationship? Yes.

The barber shop room? Yes.

That was a place where the mayor had discussions of a sensitive or personal nature? Yes.

I'm assuming that sometimes in main mayoral office there were meetings with a fair number of people? Yes.

Assuming there may have been occasions when mayor had to step out of meeting and go somewhere else? Yes.

Some of those meetings might be in the barber room? Yes.

Maybe even for personal visits like with his wife they'd go to barber shop room? Yes.

So sometimes for business and personal reasons he'd go in that room? Yes.

So sometimes he and his father would go in that room? Yes.

Did that seem at all unusual to you? Yes.

9:15AM Jim Thomas cross examines.

What was it like being press secretary? I had a wonderful relationship with Kwame at the time. "I'm a naturally nosy and inquisitive guy" so he got to do interesting things.

Where you effective at your job? I think we presented ourselves and the city of Detroit on the national stage well. I think it was a great phase of the city's history.

What about the mayor's work ethic? The only guy who got up earlier than Kwame was me. He worked 7 days a week. He was the hardest working guy in Detroit at the time.

Witness says they worked for transparency even though there were some hiccups along the way. The relationship "healed" with the media some.

Give the jury of the # of departments? Somewhere around 15,000 employees at the time, a couple of dozen departments. If you ever want to get a "baptism" of government, go work for city. It's a very difficult job.

Witness says there key departments police, HR, finance. there is a lot to do. His management style would be to bring people in and show them what to do. He had a weekly meeting with key players.

Witness says mayor's office at one end of floor and Chief of Staff Christine Beatty at the other.

Did Beatty use power effectively? Yes.

Do you know Emma Bell? Yes. she was fund-raiser for the mayor.

Did she come up to the offices? Yes.

Did you ever see Emma Bell wielding large amounts of money? Yes, once in NYC.

Did you ever see her give money to Kwame? No.

Did you ever see them meeting secretly? No.

Hiccups, we heard about LaCosta- what was mayor's relationship with media at time? We were trying to lay down ground rules with media. Some were more neutral and others were more aggressive. Trying to build new relationships and let go of the past. In general, it was moving in right direction.

One sticky point was La Costa? Yes.

Steve Wilson did something inappropriate? Yes.

What did he do? There was check that was part of the story that I had no knowledge of. Story initially presented that they wanted to know about a city issued credit card used. You would think they would be transparent and tell me they had this check.

How did you find out about the check? Talked to the people at the hotel and they said that someone had posed as the mayor. We played Steve Wilson's voice and they said that was his voice.

So he misrepresented himself? Yes.

What was the position that lawyer for the Civic Fund took? William Phillips? Yes he said Kwame met with high net worth individuals in California.

Witness says media asked to release donors names and Phillips said that would have a "chilling effect" on future donors.

Have you looked at La costa bill recently? No.

Did you look at the breakdown of how it was paid? No I never looked at that.

You talked to Kwame about it? Yes.

After the media reports hit the news, he told you he met with high net worth individuals? Yes that's what he told me.

Did you ask about the fact that he was also with his family? No, I just assumed at the time he was with his family. "In hindsight, I would have asked a lot more nosy questions" but "you don't grill your boss."

Did you know what the Civic Fund was before the media event was? I knew it existed. Didn't know what it did.

Witness says he didn't know any of rules or restrictions of the Civic Fund.

Did Kwame's relationship get any better as time wore on? "No the wheels fell off the cart after trial." Witness is referring to the whistle blower trial in late 2007.

Did you think the media was fair? No.

9:31AM Michael Bullotta redirects.

Where there meetings where it was just Kwame and Emma Bell? Yes.

You were a member of the media of Detroit for a while? Yes.

Apart from Wilson allegedly posing as the mayor, do you think it was appropriate to investigate the mayor using a city issued credit card? "Absolutely."

Did you feel misled by Kwame? "I felt like there was incremental exposure...In the grand scheme of things didn't think it was best approach."

9:34 AM Thomas redirects.

Did your relationship improve after that? Yes. But I would say I was more careful.

Witness says he loved the job and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity "but you have to move forward."

Witness steps down. What a squirrely guy.

9:35AM Government calls April Edgar.

Michael Bullotta for the government. Judge swears her in.

Currently works as secretary for Health Alliance Plan and also assists husband. Works for marketing department at Health alliance. Went to Villanova online for project management.

Christine Beatty is her sister, she was Chief of Staff for the mayor. Witness worked for the mayor. Has also worked for Detroit Medical Center, Detroit Public schools assisting transportation director, also the Detroit Building Authority.

Did you get new job in 2006? Yes working as mayor's scheduler.

Witness scheduled meetings and travel. Directed 2 ladies in the office.

As scheduler, did Kwame have computerized schedule? Yes under group wise.

How long did you work as scheduler? From 2006 until the day he left office in the fall of 2008.

Did mayor ever schedule on his own? From time to time, yes.

In March 2008, did something happened with Christine Beatty? Yes she resigned.

At the time, did you learn about the Kilpatrick Civic Fund? Yes. I knew about it before she left. But when she left, i was asked to become a signer.

Who asked you? The mayor.

Did the mayor explain to you the purpose of the Fund? No. I didn't know anything about it.

Witness says former mayor told her it was for the community and educational purposes.

Edgar had to go to Bank of America and sign her name on.

KCF 46- it's a Bank of America signature card.

Witness went to the branch downtown in the Guardian building. Went there with Kandia Milton, he was assuming Chief of Staff at the time.

Witness recognizes her signature, Kandia's and William Phillips.

Did you learn that to sign check, there had to be certain number of signatories? Yes, there had 2 be 2 people.

The three who could sign were April Edgar, Kandia Milton and William Phillips.

KCF 47- 2 Civic Fund checks to Maiyen Consulting LLC, Beatty's company.

Witness recognizes signature on check. March 12th 2008 is date, around time Edgar was taking over.

Check is for $50,000. Memo line says Services March 15th-Dec 15th

what did Kwame says about this expense? Nothing said it was ok.

Do you see $60,000 check? Yes.

Who signed it? Witness says mine and Kandia's.

Dated March 26th 2008.

Check filled out with Beatty's handwriting. Memo says its retainer for services from March through December.

KCF 47A- witness looks at document. do you recognize a bank of America slip for $69,636.88 on July 9th 2008.

Cashier's check purchased with civic Fund money to American Mailer's. Purchased by Edgar and Kandia. for brochures that discussed what mayor had done for the city.

Another check to Inland Press for $75,500 on May 14th, 2008.

Another check for $49,500 to Inland Press on July 7rth 2008. both signed by her and Kandia.

When did you sign checks? Witness says usually he would sign first and then I would sign.

Witness says mayor also asked Kandia to sign some checks ahead of time.

Those large check to Inland Press and American Mailer's, did mayor approve those? Yes.

KCF 48- check to the Four Seasons. Check for $1,150 dated March 31st 2008.

Witness says that the mayor asked her to do it from the Civic Fund.

What would you do with checks after you filled them out? Send them by overnight FEDEX.

KCF 49- FEDEX USA airbill. Was sending it to the Four Seasons in Irving, Texas.

Witness says she did it because mayor told her to and overnighted it.

Witness looking at an invoice from Four Seasons- KCF 50.

Four Seasons Resort and Club Las Colinas in Irving, Texas.

Invoice lists spa and salon and room service and valet parking

Room rate is $250. Spa and salon charge is $215. Note that says 1 of 2 rooms of the reservation- metions to hold the room under credit card and await arrival of check from assistant.

Deep tissue massage ($140) and spa manicure- 2 gratuities of 20 dollars.

KCF 51- Witness looks over document. It's another check to the Ballantyne Resort for $964.65 on April 25th 2008. Witness doesn't remember if it was pre-signed. Rsort is in Charlotte, NC.

KCF 52- FEDEX invoice to resort.

KCF 53- Invoice from Ballantyne Resort, a luxury collection hotel. Guest lists Mr. Kevin Kitchen. At the times, witness says she would put anonymous names for mayor because of what he was going through with the media. But Mayor came up with this one

Deposit applied in amount of $964.65.

3 spa visits $108 and another for $252.

KCF - check to Super Camp.

1 Check for $4,500 for Kilaptrick's sons and Jeff Beasley son Chase. Dated April 3rd 2008.

KCF 63- FEDEX receipt for the check sent to Super Camp.

KCF 64- Invoices related to Super Camp. On Quantum Learning Network letter head. Addressed to Southlake, TX. Relates to the Kilpatrick boys and Chase Beasley.

In May 2008, a few months before mayor resigned, did you write checks to Maestro? Yes

KCF 55- check for #0,000 on May 1st, 2008. To Maestro Associates. Signed by Edgar and Kandia.

Why did you write this check? Because mayor told me to.

You aware of anything Berbard did for Civic Fund? No

October 29th 2008 date on another check for $20,000 to Maestro and Associates. A day after Kwame went to jail.

Witness says she doesn't remember who told her to write the check. after Kwame went to jail, Ayanna took over what check to write from Civic Fund.

Do you know how Ayanna got her directions? No I don't.

Did you ever feel uncomfortable writing these checks? Towards the end I did.

Defense objects.

You ever question whether Bernard did anything to earn $50,000? No I didn't.

Do you know if Kwame was aware that Ayanna was directing? Not for certain, I think, but not for certain.

Looking KCF 54- 3 checks. Witness recognizes that she signed them.

1. Date May 1st 2008 to Impact strategies, Judy Smith crisis management company for $30,000.

2. Dated July 9th 2008 to Impact Strategies. $40,464.28.

3. Dated October 29th 2008. to Impact Philanthropy. $25,000. Judy Smith gave invoice to the witness.

All Civic Fund checks.

KCF 56- another check.

Dated May 12th 2008 to Marriott Legacy Town Center for $982.

Sent the check FEDEX: KCF 57. Sent to the hotel in Plano Texas.

KCF 58- Invoice for the hotel. Carla Kitchen listed as saying at the hotel. It was Carlita staying there. Mayor came up with the name. Had asked witness to make reservation. Doesn't know why Calita was going to Texas. Looks like a 4 night stay.

Another name on receipt for Southfield is listed as Wesley Ferguson. Witness doesn't remember making reservation. Check number is 2283, Civic Fund check.

KCF 59- another check to Hilton Southlake Hotel.

Did you write series of checks there? Yes.

Check dated September 12th 2008 for $5,180. Memo lists confirmation #.

Exhibit 61. Hotel bill at Hilton Southlake.

Looking at page 2. Arrival date September 18th through September 28th. Witness doesn't remember who was going. Believes she took directions from Ayanna.

Do you know Mahlon clift? Yes.

Did you make arrangement for him to stay there? No.

Looking at document again. May 31st through June 3rd 2008. For Carlita.

Do you know why she was going to Dallas? No.

KCF 59- page 3. Additional checks to Hilton Southlake.

Check for $1,735 dated November 28th 2008 for 2 rooms.

Different check for $1,574 on the same date for 2 rooms.

Where you making reservations for 4 rooms?

Do you see arrival? December 2nd through December 9th.

Bernard Kilpatrick listed on one of the bills. Credit for $1,735.

Judge calls for 20 minute break. Bullotta just slammed us with evidence again. I can only imagine how hard it is with the jury to keep up with the constant onslaught of checks, invoices, dates and numbers.

10:39AM Just overheard in the courtroom , U.S. Attorney Michael Bullotta saying "that got a little hairy." Referring to the earlier testimony of Edgar. Edgar, Christine Beatty's sister, has actually sat in watching earlier court sessions. 

Meanwhile on the 1st floor of the courthouse, Kwame was seen having a heated discussion with his defense lawyer Jim Thomas. They were walking just outside the concession store located there where Kwame had loaded up on coffee with several creamers. Bobby Ferguson was also in the store getting some break snacks.

10:50AM Judge re-enters courtroom.

But Kwame and Bobby not back in yet so have to wait for session to start again. Thomas tells judge they are on their way.

Here they come. Kwame is holding a blue folder.

Where is Gerald Evelyn, lawyer for Bobby, asks the judge.

"Must have run to snack shop for pizza today," says Judge Edmunds.

Judge says lets just go ahead. Mike Rataj and Susan Van Dusen are in court for Bobby. Evelyn walks in.

10:53AM Edgar back at the stand to continue testimony.

Bullotta continues. Asks witness to look at KCF 65. More checks.

First page. 1. A check dated June 6th 2005 for $883.21 to AVIS.

Why did you write check? Date wrong. 2005. this was for lawyers who came to town.

2. check for $745 on right date of June 6th 2008 to AVIS.

3. check July 15th 2008 to AVIS for $745 to AVIS.

4. August 6th 2008 for $762 to AVIS.

5. Check for $850 on 9/29/08 to AVIS.

KCF 66- check to NWA on June 19th 2008 for $1,386. The handwriting not Edgar's. this was for flights for Kwames 3 kids. Witness doesn't know where they

2. $462 to NWA on June 19th 2008. Initially CK 1.

Witness says mayor asked for her to write checks. Gave them to EPU to take to airport to pay for flights

Check to Irvine Marriott for $550 on July 15th 2008.

KCF 70- overnight FEDEX invoice.

KCF 71- Marriott Hotel bill.

Check consistent with check number.

Do you know why Carlita was traveling to Irvine? No.

KCF 67- another check.

Check for Gaylord Texan $3,750 on June 24th 2008. Mayor told her to write it.

KCF 68- Hotel bill. for the Gaylord Texan. Reservation for Carlita Kilpatrick. $1,875 CR.

Do you know if reservation canceled? No I can't recall.

Line says canceled but had paid with check.

Do you know if civic Fund got money back? Don't remember that.

On September 2008, did you attend meeting on Civc Fund? Yes.

Witness says mayor told her to go. It was at Manoogian Mansion. She was there, Jonathan Quarles, Kandia Milton, Ayanna, Eric Rayford. It was in the dining room. Mayor led the meeting. Talked about how the funds would be distributed. Witness would be paid for book keeping and moving costs.

What did the mayor say was happening to the Civic Fund? Don't remember exactly. The funds being distributed. Fund was winding down.

What did he say would happen? Distributed to different charity and organizations.

Witness says that it was also to pay for mayor's moving costs.

Witness thinks Kandi also spoke at the meeting.

KCF 78- 2 more checks. Signed again by witness.

1. $5,000 to BDM Transport dated September 16th 2008. Moving costs for the mayor.

2. $2,000 to BDM Transport dated September 19th 2009. More moving costs.

Soon after he resigned did you meet mayor somewhere to give checks? Yes at an apartment.

Witness reads Regality Management Systems.

1. September 19th 2008 to Regality Management services for $1,050. Property Management Services.

2. Security deposit $2,350 September 19th 2008.

3. $9,400 for 4 month lease to Regality Management on September 19th 2008 as well.

KCF 82- check to Great Wolf Lodge for Carlita and family on October for $1,228.64

KCF 83- Invoice for Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine Texas. Shows Carla Kitchen alias. shows arrival and departure dates. shows advance deposit for $1,228.64. Lists Camp Critter services for kids.

Hotel has an indoor water park. Note that says that April Edgar called to put reservation under another name because of media but will have photo ID.

KCF 84A- check to DeDan Milton for consulting for $5,000 on November 19th 2008. Ayanna told witness to do it.

KCF 72- witness recognizes her signature. To Manoogian Mansion Restoration Society. July 9th 2008. Check for $5,000. Witness doesn't recall what it was for.

All these checks to date have been Civic fund checks.

KCF 85- cashier's check to pay University Moving company. From Bank of America for $15,042.69 on December 5th 2008. Ayanna gave her directions. Witness thinks Ayanna met her at Bank of America. Kandia was at the bank to sign as well.

Purchased by the Kilpatrick Civic Fund. Done at the downtown Guardian building.

KCF 88- another check to Athenaeum International Banquet for $2,500 on May 5th 2009.

Do you know Marvel Cheeks? Kwame's grandfather.

Was the party for him? I don't know.

Who would you say was in charge of the Civic Fund? From the time I took over the mayor.

Would he ever ask questions about the Civic Fund balance? Yes would get balance from the bank.

What was it? $80,000 maybe $100,000.

In early February 2009, did you attend a party for Kwame? I don't know if it was a party but a gathering when Kwame got out of jail.

At the time did Kwame give you anything? Yes cash to pay off credit card bills. $3.000 to $4,000.

Witness took it to First Independence Bank and paid bill.

Witness left mayor's office in September 2008. took another job with Xcel Construction. Calvin Hall and Woodhouse interview

Nneka Cheeks? The mayor's cousin.

Jamilla Evans? Yes the mayor's cousin.

Emma Bell? Yes. I met her through Arthur Blackwell, through family.

Witness says Emma Bell made deposit into the Civic Fund and witness told mayor.

Did you personally go to the Great Wolf Lodge? Yes. I did. I went with family at the time. In Sandusky Ohio. Also a water park.

How did you pay for it? The Civic Fund.

I talked to the mayor and he said to do it.

Did you do anything related to Civic Fund? Yes.

Yet another check. KCF 72. Page 2. Check to Manoogian Mansion Restoration Society on September 4th 2008 for $10,000.

11:30AM Thomas cross examines.

When did you begin work for mayor? As scheduler in 2006.

First job as scheduler? Yes.

What it was like to work for him? It was great, great experience. "I loved my job."

Was he a very active person? Yes.

You kept a calendar? Yes, Groupwise.

When he was mayor of Detroit, he was head of Civic Fun in early years. Where you around? No.

Witness says when she first started she was not a signer on the Fund.

Witness says that at first, she thought that the mayor's work and Civic fund was all together.

What was mood around text message scandal? It was terrible. Very dark, very sad.

Media? It was terrible. In his face. He couldn't breathe.

In 2008, can you recall issues mayor addressing? Text message scandal, he went to Canada and went to jail for a day.

Looking at checks going out for AVIS? Attorneys were coming in for Kwame.

Did you get to know Kwame? Yes.

Did you trust him? Yes.

Did you think he'd ask you to do anything wrong? No.

When writing checks did you think he was asking you to do anything illegal? No.

When his image was suffering did you see drop of contributions to Civic Fund? No.

You know that Emma Bell did fund-raising? Yes.

Were you aware of Kwame's fund-raising ability affected by negative image? Don't know.

Kwame writing notes that he passes to Naughton to pass to Thomas.

William Phillips position on Civic Fund? He was lawyer for the Fund.

Did you consult with him? Do not recall consulting with him.

Do you recall him coming to you for $30,000 for his firm? I don't recall.

Thomas lists people involved with Civic Fund. The Fund had Board of Directors. People you described were those persons? Yes.

You described meeting at Manoogian? Yes.

Dining room or kitchen? Think dining room.

Where was that in relation to his leaving office? Very close.

You were aware because of the criminal case part of agreement was to resign? Yes.

What was mood at that point? Sad very sad.

Did you know that he was resigning and was also going to go to jail? Remembers that Kwame plead guilty.

There was a period of 2 weeks where everyone had to get everything together and looked for jobs? Yes.

Then there would be a brief hiatus and he would be sentenced? Yes.

Where you aware where he was going her? He was either going to Texas or here on Woodward.

Where was Carlita going to be? Not certain.

Where you aware if he had any income at that time? No I was not aware.

You indicated you were at a gathering when he got out of jail? It was a gathering to support him. Kwame gave witness cash to pay off credit card bills.

Government objects to Thomas suggesting that something happened. Judge sustains.

Do you know where money came from? No.

Did you see anyone hand him money at that event? No.

Where there lots of people? Family.

Could assume those bills weren't his because he was in jail? Don't recall.

Christine Beatty your half-sister? Yes.

How was she to work for? She was hard.

In a good way? Yes.

Did you work long hours? Yes.

What about her? Yes.

The media and how they were involved subsequent to text message being fair to her? I didn't think they were fair at all.

To Kwame? No.

Checks drafted around time Beatty left? Yes.

Did you know that she was tasked with image of Detroit with voters and education? I don't know.

Do you know Detroit then and Now? Yes.

D KCF- hands document to witness. She recognizes it.

Beatty had put it together. Subsequent to her leaving in 2008.

Can you describe it? Detroit Then and Now. how it was and the works mayor did for the office.

In early 2008, would it have been important for image of mayor addressed for Civic Fund? Yes.

Picture of brochure Detroit Then and Now on overhead.

Thomas says the brochure talked about Kwame, the city, in essence trying to show his accomplishments? Yes.

Still looking at Detroit Then and Now. All positive images? Yes.

One part was about casinos? Yes.

Big picture of Kwame sitting at a desk on overhead.

Witness says that Beatty and mayor couldn't go anywhere in peace.

Where you aware even children were being followed to school? No.

Witness says she can only go by what she saw on the news.

Another picture of Kwame on overhead looks like he is thumping his chest. Looks like he is with Dan Gilbert.

Many positive things happening in the city? Yes.

All at a time when he was under attack? Yes.

Was this book meant to address image of Kwame? I believe so.

And Beatty did the work on this? This wasn't a cut and paste job? I don't think so.

Bullotta goes over to talk to government.

Hands something to witness and asks if she recognizes it? No I do not.

A lot of you testimony has bee either Ayanna or Kwame told you do sign checks? Yes.

And you didn't think anything or improper or illegal in that? Yes.

At the meeting for wrap up of Civic fund, were transition costs discussed? Yes. Moving him from Manoogian Mansion to temporary housing until they actually moved.