9:02AM Video just turns on. Guess we're getting a pretty late start today. The defendants are all sitting at the table already. Kwame Kilpatrick is in a dak suit and tie, reading from his daily book.

9:06AM Judge Nancy Edmunds enters the courtroom

9:07AM Matt Allen approaches the witness stand again. Allen, former press secretary for the ex mayor, testified yesterday.

John Shea cross examines.

Hired in 2006? Yes.

Office on the 11th floor? Yes.

There on daily basis? Yes.

Aware that mayor had to make day to day important decisions? Yes.

Like many leaders in addition to office staff had small group of advisers he relied on? Yes.

Some in city government and some not even city employees? Yes.

Bernard Kilpatrick on of those people? Yes.

Did you meet Bernard prior to taking the job in 2006? Yes. Bernard at table shaking head yes.

He had experience as politician? Yes.

Savvy? That was his reputation, yes.

Kwame and father had close relationship? Yes.

The barber shop room? Yes.

That was a place where the mayor had discussions of a sensitive or personal nature? Yes.

I'm assuming that sometimes in main mayoral office there were meetings with a fair number of people? Yes.

Assuming there may have been occasions when mayor had to step out of meeting and go somewhere else? Yes.

Some of those meetings might be in the barber room? Yes.

Maybe even for personal visits like with his wife they'd go to barber shop room? Yes.

So sometimes for business and personal reasons he'd go in that room? Yes.

So sometimes he and his father would go in that room? Yes.

Did that seem at all unusual to you? Yes.

9:15AM Jim Thomas cross examines.