What was it like being press secretary? I had a wonderful relationship with Kwame at the time. "I'm a naturally nosy and inquisitive guy" so he got to do interesting things.

Where you effective at your job? I think we presented ourselves and the city of Detroit on the national stage well. I think it was a great phase of the city's history.

What about the mayor's work ethic? The only guy who got up earlier than Kwame was me. He worked 7 days a week. He was the hardest working guy in Detroit at the time.

Witness says they worked for transparency even though there were some hiccups along the way. The relationship "healed" with the media some.

Give the jury of the # of departments? Somewhere around 15,000 employees at the time, a couple of dozen departments. If you ever want to get a "baptism" of government, go work for city. It's a very difficult job.

Witness says there key departments police, HR, finance. there is a lot to do. His management style would be to bring people in and show them what to do. He had a weekly meeting with key players.

Witness says mayor's office at one end of floor and Chief of Staff Christine Beatty at the other.

Did Beatty use power effectively? Yes.

Do you know Emma Bell? Yes. she was fund-raiser for the mayor.

Did she come up to the offices? Yes.

Did you ever see Emma Bell wielding large amounts of money? Yes, once in NYC.

Did you ever see her give money to Kwame? No.

Did you ever see them meeting secretly? No.

Hiccups, we heard about LaCosta- what was mayor's relationship with media at time? We were trying to lay down ground rules with media. Some were more neutral and others were more aggressive. Trying to build new relationships and let go of the past. In general, it was moving in right direction.

One sticky point was La Costa? Yes.

Steve Wilson did something inappropriate? Yes.

What did he do? There was check that was part of the story that I had no knowledge of. Story initially presented that they wanted to know about a city issued credit card used. You would think they would be transparent and tell me they had this check.

How did you find out about the check? Talked to the people at the hotel and they said that someone had posed as the mayor. We played Steve Wilson's voice and they said that was his voice.

So he misrepresented himself? Yes.

What was the position that lawyer for the Civic Fund took? William Phillips? Yes he said Kwame met with high net worth individuals in California.

Witness says media asked to release donors names and Phillips said that would have a "chilling effect" on future donors.

Have you looked at La costa bill recently? No.

Did you look at the breakdown of how it was paid? No I never looked at that.

You talked to Kwame about it? Yes.

After the media reports hit the news, he told you he met with high net worth individuals? Yes that's what he told me.