Moving expenses again to transport things to Texas? Yes.

What about house in Florida? Don't know.

Didn't it have to be sold? Don't know.

People at the meeting were on Civic Fund committee and they accepted decision for transition costs? Yes.

What about William Phillips? Was he there? I don't remember.

No one was getting paid from Civic Fund? No.

Kwame not paid for Civic Fund? not to my knowledge. Never.

Did you know if he could be paid? No. I didn't have a clear idea of what the Fund did.

Thomas refers back to the articles of incorporation for the Civic fund. AGAIN.

Thomas talks about children's camp. the Quantum Learning aka Super Camp.

This wasn't a camp to go play? Don't know. 

This camp was at a university. With educational activities. Are you aware of any article that prohibits the Kilpatrick and other children of benefiting from the educational purposes? No.

Super Camp check was for $4,500.

When did you end with Civic Fund? After the last check was written.

Was there an issue with hotel bills before? Yes. Heather Masurly, a lawyer. made her aware.

12:04PM Gerald evelyn cross examines.

Where was your desk? Right outside mayor's office.

In the city county building? Yes.

A public building? Yes.

You don't need authorization to get to the 11th floor? Yes.

And then they'd have to see you? Yes. Or front desk.

When you were there, bobby would come from time to time? Every now and then.

Bobby would have to take a seat and wait? Yes.

He wouldn't flash a badge and just go in? Yes.

What was the office of community Affairs? Mayor involoved in that? Yes. Involves different sections of the community. Barbers and churches.

Mayor would go out and people would ask questions? Yes.

Witness says this happened once a month.

Evelyn finishes.

12:06PM John Shea cross examines.

Seems obvious that your tenure was short? Yes.

So started Feb-March 2008? Yes and ended by December 2009.

And your role was fairly limited? Yes.

You had to write checks? Yes.

Didn't do fundraising/ solicitations? Hire contractors or vendors? No.

Acting on direction of someone else? Yes.

Even with checkbook, didn't make regular deposits? No.

Make any? May have made one.

Not balancing check book? No.

Keeping checkbook straight? Yes.

Because you weren't involved in day to day operations you wouldn't know Bernard's role with Civic Fund? Yes.

Whatever he did before you started is historical info you didn't know? That's correct.

You wrote a couple of checks to him in 2008? Correct.

You wouldn't know if he had done work for Civic fund? Correct.

You wouldn't know if he was owed money? Correct.

Hilton Southlake invoices. Exhibit 61 page 7. Top part blown up. You booked this room, 533 2QE. Yes.

You booked room for Carla Kitchen? Yes.

They probably assigned room when Ms. Kitchen checked in? Correct.

Another room booked at the same time? Yes.

Clearly a different room for December 2nd through December 9th? Yes.

What was that additional address? Mine.

Witness says she gave hers because there was no other address to give.

Ayanna directed you to book rooms? Yes.

At this time Kwame is in jail? Yes.

Do you know if Carlita was house shopping? No I don't know.

Do you know if she was doing this at a particular point in time while he was in jail? Yes.

You made reservation for Bernard as well? For December 3rd to December 10th? Yes.

At same place? Yes.

Bernard didn't ask you to make reservation but Ayanna did? Yes.

So it seems that Bernard was accompanying Carlita to house hunt while son was in jail? Yes.

Second reservation in name of Bernard? Yes.

But there is no room number designated? Right.

Here invoice states no show. Do you see that? Yes.

But the room was guaranteed so it was charged? Yes.

Did you ever get explanation why there was another room booked that wasn't used? No.

It does not appear like he was traveling with any companions? Yes I agree.

Not only did Bernard not ask you to make reservation, you never had conversation about it? No.

Where the money would come from? No.

You don't have any knowledge that Bernard knew this was booked with Civic Fund monies? No I do not.

Shea finishes.

No redirects. Witness steps down.

Judge calls 10 minute. Wants to make sure we can get next witness in through cross.

12:31PM Judge reenters courtroom. "Just go ahead and get 'em" says Judge Edmunds. Talking about the jurors.

12:32PM Eric Doeh for government.

Witness takes stand. Sworn in by judge.

Mary Fleming. was a board member of the Manoogian Mansion Restoration Society. Goal of the society to do restoration work when needed. When new mayor comes into office, new furniture purchased.

Manoogian Mansion donated by the Manoogina family to city of the Detroit.

In 2008, were you alerted that Kwame and wife wanted to make furniture purchases? Yes.

Witness says that the furniture had to be assessed. there were 2 assessors and the Kilpatrick family decided what items they wanted.

It was furniture they had chosen when Kwame was mayor. Appraisers came by to see furniture pieces. Fleming thought it would be a good idea to get 2 appraisals of furniture after a family had lived with them.

Witness knew Kwame as state rep and she knew his mom.

Witness assisted Kwame when he ran for office first time. Worked as a volunteer at fund-raising affairs.

Witness says she walked around with Carlita with appraisers and she chose which items she's like to keep.

KCF 73- asks witness if she recognizes exhibit. Says they are items Kilpatricks chose to purchase.

Any discussion how they would be paid for? Yes like previous mayors would write a personal check

How much was it for? $10,821.21.

Witness says he would have Nneka deliver it to me. She worked with the Mansion quite a bit.

You are referring to Nneka Cheeks? Yes. She is his cousin.

Did you receive a checks? Yes. Nneka dropped it off with doorman as promised.

Witness says the check she received was written on Civic Fund check.

Looking at a check on overhead. Dated September 4th 2008 for $10,000.

Witness says when she go the check, she called Kwame and said that she couldn't accept Civic Fund. And he said "I'm sorry, Nneka must have gotten the wrong check."

Did the Mansion have a check book for purchases? Yes they did.

Thomas calls for sidebar.

Rataj objects to are you aware Doeh asks.

Did Nneka Cheeks ask you to sign checks? Yes.

And what did you do? I did.

Witness says she was going out of town and Nneka asked her to pre-sign some checks.

Did Mansion have a debit card? Think I read about it in the paper.

Doeh asks for sidebar.

Do you know whether Nneka Cheeks made any personal purchases with debit card? I don't know for sure.

Did you ever find out that purchases had been made with debit card at Toys R Us? Witness doesn't answer

Did Nneka Cheeks come to you to sign checks? Yes it wasn't very many.

Do you know if purchases were made from Toys R Us? The only way I know I can't talk about because of sidebar.

Did you or the other Mansion board members make purchases at Toys R Us? No

Did you or any of the other board members travel to a golf resort? No.

Thomas objects. Doeh decides to change tack.

Doeh goes back to check. Witness says that Kwame told her it Nneka had it written on wrong check.

Witness says she discussed later with William Phillips. Witness told him that she received check for purchase of Civic Fund. William says"that's good because he is not supposed to use the Civic Fund. I'll call him to talk to him."

At some point did you receive a personal checks? It went directly to a law firm.

So you never saw personal check? It didn't go to me. But he did do it.

So what happened to first $10,000 check on Civic Fund? Witness says she gave it to doorman and assumed that Nneka picked up.

Witness says that Kwame said he would donate check to Manoogian Mansion Restoration Society.

Had you received a check before from Kwame for the Manoogian Society? I didn't but I don't know if he'd done it before.

Did Mr. Kilpatrick purchase furniture? Yes he did. 

12:56PM Thomas cross examines.

When Mansion first occupied where you involved with Manoogian Mnasion? Yes.

Do you remember what it looked like after Archers moved out? Vaguely.

Better after Kilpatricks moved in? Yes.

Mayors pick out things for Mansion? Yes they do.

Witness says they had an interior decorator help out Kilpatricks.

At the end of administration outgoing mayors had option to buy? Yes.

You had no reason to think appraisal wasn't accurate? Yes.

You asked for check? Yes.

You talked to Nneka about it? Talked to mayor and said Nneka would deliver it.

Nneka delivered Civic fund check and what did Kwame say? That nneka had written it on wrong account.

He gave personal check? Didn't deliver it to me but yes.

A problem arose with the check and he addressed it and did right thing? Yes.

Did he apologize? When I called him he did. Yes.

Who pays for interior design of mansion? The Manoogian Mansion society

Tax payer dollars? No.

Donations from Manoogian mansion? Yes.

Witness excused. Judge says no trial tomorrow or Monday. Judge doesn't give any reason for the long break. Court resumes next Tuesday at 9 AM

About the author:

Alexandra Harland is a Princeton undergrad and has a masters degree in International affairs with Columbia. A Montreal native, she worked with the Daily Telegraph newspaper for a few years before transitioning to TV, when she worked at ABC News with Peter Jennings. Alexandra has also worked in newsrooms in both Detroit and Boston.