The Detroit Board of Police Commissioners held a scheduled meeting Thursday afternoon, a day after Mayor Dave Bing's announcement of Police Chief Ralph Godbee's suspension.

Godbee's 30-day suspension comes amid an alleged affair between the chief and a female police officer within the Detroit Police Department.

However, the Board of Police Commissioners said Thursday that there were no previous problems about the chief reported through the Human Resources Department. The board said no complaints had been filed which leads them to question the mayor's decision. They do not believe he should make decisions based on media reports.

Moreover, the board cited the City Charter which, they say, gives the Board of Police Commissioners supervisory control and authority over the Detroit Police Department. They are requesting to be allowed to conduct their own investigation into the allegations.

They "seek clarity from the mayor's office."

Watch: Detroit Board of Police Commissioners address chief's suspension

Some residents who spoke at the public meeting addressed their concerns that the board has not taken action to remove Godbee. Others expressed concerns that the allegations were false and that the issue was being blown out of proportion.

-- Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee