Instruction on Emma Bell being an alcohol-abuser and judge is declining to give that instruction. Doesn't believe it is appropriate. Instruction on extortion under color of official right. Judge says the question was whether Kwame's name should be used in the context of instruction and  judge says because there are multiple defendants it would be confusing without his name. So giving that one to government. 

Fifth issue is extortion through economic harm. Believes government has better instructions but has added defense definition of "harmful." 

Sixth issue is aiding and abetting instruction. Government has modified one to include defendants names and judge is going to do that because it is confusing without it. 

7th issue goes to government instruction. 

Bribery instruction, judge agreed with defendant that they should change Kwame's name and should change from "Detroit" to "business of his office." 

On aiding and abetting instruction, will go with government to include Bobby's name. 

10th issue has to do with mail fraud. Government and defense differed on one sentence. Judge says she will give instruction that jury must find that Kwame intended to use money from Civic Fund for personal expenses and for expenses related to his political campaigns. 

Issue 11 has definitions of RICO statute. 

Going with government instruction on obstruction of justice. 

On act of public official accepting bribes, she will give both government and defense instructions. 

Judge is done going through instructions except for conspiracy instructions still be argued. 

Judge asks if everyone is satisfied with verdict form. Don't appear to be any objections. 

Blackwell discussing count 2 with respect to Bernard Kilpatrick going on the record. Judge says it is noted. 

11:13AM Going to argue the rest of the conspiracy charges in judge's chambers.

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