A U.S. District Court judge has shot down Kwame Kilpatrick's request for a different attorney going forward in his federal corruption case.

During a hearing Tuesday, Judge Nancy Edmunds said the former Detroit mayor had waited too long to report the so-called conflict of interest with attorney James Thomas.

Kilpatrick passionately, and directly, argued with Edmunds that he was having trust issues with Thomas after finding out he had represented a witness in the case - Gasper Fiore.

Gasper Fiore

--Gasper Fiore

Kilpatrick said he wasn't trying to delay the trial with a last-minute legal team switch.

"I'm not afraid of trial," Kilpatrick said.

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But Edmunds argued that Kilpatrick should have seen Fiore's name on the witness list months ago - and should not have signed a waiver acknowledging he had reviewed the witness list and was OK with it.

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10:40 a.m. Judge says Kilpatrick, Thomas have history together

Thomas has represented Kilpatrick since 2008, particularly through the text message scandal. Judge says that despite the fact that the two should have had a conversation, their relationship going forward is not shaky enough to end it. There is substantial public interest going forward, 400 jurors, 200 witnesses. The other defendants have lawyers with busy schedules and other courts have accommodated the trial.

The case will for forward Sept. 6.

10:34 a.m. Judge says she'll deny motion

Edmunds says she will put out a written opinion this afternoon, but that she will be denying the motion for Kilpatrick to get a new attorney.

10: 31 a.m. Kwame speaking

Everybody wants me to act as co-council 

In June he was put on the witness list. It wasn’t until my study, my discovery, that I found that there may be a serious issue with this. That’s why I apologize to the court for the lateness of this. I haven’t had any intervention with the police until I was 38 years old. I’m as perplexed and emotionally gut-wrenched that my attorney should have known. 

It wasn’t to delay the trial. I'm not afraid of trial. I'm not afraid of anything they have. I need to trust the person sitting next to me.

10:26 a.m. Judge scolds Kilpatrick

Judge: “The fact is you signed a waiver of conflict over this issue. A waiver is something any third year law student would understand. You’re a smart guy.”

10:14 a.m. Prosecution dismisses witness from case

Kwame Kilpatrick says he no longer trusts his attorney and the two scream at each other about a conflict with a witness.

Prosecution says Kilpatrick waived a conflict, says Kilpatrick's last words were– I hereby do waive if these individual witnesses are called.

Prosecution says it was clear Fiore could be called as a witness and we don’t know what he’s talking about not knowing he could be part of the case.