David Griem will remain Bob Bashara's attorney - for now.

During a hearing Thursday before 36th District Court Judge Kenneth King, Griem requested he be granted withdrawal as Bashara's counsel because the two's relationship was "no longer in tact."

Griem said he and Bashara met three times in the last four day and had “lengthy discussions” about the situation.

“We are on different paths, different wavelengths,” Griem said.

He stressed that the request to part ways was being made by both parties.

“This is a client and an attorney asking the court to sanction the divorce, to sanction the severance of the attorney-client relationship,” Griem said.

Griem said Bashara is already planning on meeting with two new potential attorneys Thursday and Friday.

When asked about specifics on what the two were disagreeing on, Griem said he would not share the reasoning in open court because he didn't feel comfortable talking about in front of the prosecution.

He then went on to say Bashara would never get a fair trial.

"The reason this man can't get a fair trial in the state of Michigan is police leaks and prosecution leaks," Griem said.

But the judge expressed concerns that bringing a new attorney before Bashara's preliminary exam wouldn't work, and that just because the two weren't getting along, wasn't a good enough reason for him to walk away from the case.

Bashara came to Griem's defense.

"In the last seven months since my wife's murder, Mr. Griem has spent a good portion of his time dealing with police leaks, police misconduct, prosecutorial misconduct and a number of things that have affected my ability to be treated fairly and to get a fair trial," he said.

Bashara also said he cares about Griem's reputation and doesn't want to make the situation worse.

"I don't want to fire him in open court," Bashara said.

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David Griem

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Bob Bashara arrested

Bob Bashara has been charged with plotting to have Joe Gentz killed - the man who is charged in Bashara's wife's death.

Bashara is accused of trying to hire a hit man between June 8 and June 25. His bail was set at $15 million cash. If he posts it, he must turn in his passport, driver's license and wear a tether.

A preliminary exam which had been scheduled for July 24.