Kwame's sons went to Step Ahead? Correct.

This is a check for graduation week? Yes.

As a father wouldn't he be interested in education of children?

Did you know the ages of Kwame's twin sons? Don't know.

Would you think it would be important to figure out to check out if it was for a personal purpose? I knew that his kids went to program.

Did you know that Kwame's sons graduated in 2001? Did you know sons were not in school when that check was written? Did not know that.

Could this not have been a contribution to an educational institution? It's a preschool.

So I guess you never went there? I requested records but they did not have any.

Witness says I'd have to refer to my records.

Thomas points to KCF 26- was air travel to New Orleans? Correct.

Do you know if that trip was related to Super Bowl in New Orleans?

You knew Kwame was involved in the planning of Super Bowls? Yes.

KCF 21- LaCosta Resort and Spa. The check signed by Christine Beatty for $8,605.03 on Civic Fund.

Kwame's image was about being married and having a family? Correct.

And as head of Detroit had a profile? Correct.

Still mayor in 2006 still had ability to meet with people of Civic Fund? Yes.

Did you consider that with La Costa? No.

If he went for Civic fund would that not be appropriate? Not appropriate because he went with family.

But isn't family part of his image.

Did you ever go on vacation and do business at the same time? No.

Mixed purposes for trips? Possible.

Did you determine who he met with and spoke to while out there? I don't know if he met with anyone at resort.

Did you pull phone records? I did not.

Did anyone pull them? We probably did.

Witness says that it appears he paid for family trip with Civic Fund money.