8:50AM  Victor Mercado is the only defendant not yet in this morning. Kwame Kilpatrick is seated at the table hands folded in a bronze jacket and peach tie. He tweeted over the weekend about spending time with his 3 boys: "Hanging out with my sons tonight. I'm so proud of these young men. They are AWESOME! Love you Jelani, Jalil & Jonas." 

From the looks of the picture corresponding to the tweet, must have been in Texas because they were all wearing shorts at night.

Bobby Ferguson is an an all black suit and tie and he is reading from the book of verses he and Kwame pass back and forth to each other. Bernard Kilpatrick is also in an all dark suit.

8:57AM Victor Mercado slipped in when I wasn't looking. His super power is being the invisible man.

9:01AM Detroit news reporting this morning that Kwame has been getting free flights to Texas and free stays at the Antheneum Hotel during the trial. The luxury hotel is co-owned by Jim Papas, a Greektown businessman who will likely be called as a witness in the trial.

9:03AM Judge Nancy Edmunds enters the courtroom. She tells the court that 2 jurors are not feeling so well this morning.

9:05AM Jennifer Blackwell for government calls Daniel Edwards. Works at the Detroit Water and Sewerage Dept. He is construction contracts manager. Has been there for almost 25 years. Customer base is between 3 and 4 million people. Pumping capacity for water is approximately 600 million gallons per day.

DWSD all has 25 other facilities, administration facility to water pumping facility. 

Overflow facility takes in sewer lines at time of extreme rainfall.

DWSD has permit to discharge a certain amount of affluent directly to rivers. Issued by the EPA. DWSD has not always been in compliance with this permit. DWSD has been under orders since 1977, Judge Feikens was responsible for them. DWSD has to comply in getting projects done in timely fashion or they pay penalties.

DWSD third largest in the US.

The head of DWSD is the head of the department. Director reports to mayor and the judge under the order. In mid 2000s, Mercado was head of DWSD. 2003-2008. 

DWSD has operators, engineers, inspectors, accountants, administrators, commercial divisions. Engineers administer construction contracts. Inspectors make certain construction contracts being constructed with quality. 

Constant repair on the facilities- a lot of them 40 to 70 years old. They do bids on the contracts. 

DWSD started out with 3,000 down to 2,100 now at 1,950. With consent decree, could circumvent certain normal procedures for awarding contracts. Could circumvent city council. There is a special administrator who can circumvent city council for awarding contracts. Typically the mayor- Kwame Kilpatrick was a special administrator. Witness reports to Miriam Dixon. In 2003, it was Gerald Latimer. 

9:16AM Interruption. A sick juror must have bolted from the courtroom. It's juror #2. 

Judge says it's really hot in the courtroom. Asks juror if she wants to lie down. "You're too young for hot flashes" says Edmunds. This must be another sick juror because the other one is not back yet. Judge calls for a break to check on sick juror.

9:24AM Mercado must be more uncomfortable than usual this morning with testimony from a Detroit Water and Sewerage employee who worked under him. 

9:36AM Mike Rataj, a defense lawyer for Bobby Ferguson asks the court reporter "What's the story Suzanne?" 

9:37AM Going back to the Detroit News report on Kwame's free flights to Texas and stays at the Atheneum during the trial. Seems Kwame has been getting "Buddy Passes" from friends at Delta Airlines that allow him to travel for free except for taxes on the flights. He was also staying at the Atheneum for free until October 2nd. When the Detroit News started sniffing around, he apparently moved to his mother's. 

9:40AM Screens are totally shut off. Not sure what is going on. Still waiting to see if sick juror, make that jurors, are up to sitting through testimony.

9:51AM Video is back. All the defendants are seated at the table with lawyers still waiting to see what happens.

9:58AM Judge Edmunds is back. Jurors are filing back in.

9:59AM Edwards back on the stand. Discussing how DWSD contracts are awarded. Lowest bid construction process. Advertise contract through various publications, after they get bids, they equalize them and after that they notify the bids who the lowest responsive bidder. 

This goes on and on- pure bureaucracy.