Minock wants distinction between RFP and lowest bid contracts. Lowest bids are just that, lowest bids says witness. RFP contracts are weighted and scored.

Witness says construction work can be done under RFP or lowest bid contracts.

Witness says weighting system would never been shown in documents previously. Now they do.

Audrey Jackson from City Purchasing got involved in discussions about how scores should be implemented? Yes. They had their policies and procedures.

As a result of those conversations did WSWD change its scoring? Yes.

Does the law department get involved in contracts? Yes. They approve them. Make sure all necessary attachments are there and the performance and payment bonds.

In RFP contracts, final approval made by whom? During this time period, RFP contracts awarded to city council.

Water Department approves contract before going to city council says witness.

Judge Edmunds says this is a good place to break for the day. "Enjoy third debate tonight and see you in the morning."

"Hope you feel better," she tells the sick juror.

John Minock heads back to the table where he talks to a visibly agitated Victor Mercado. Guess he isn't the invisible man after all.

Court reconvenes tomorrow at 9AM.