Looking at email from one of Lakeshore VP's of the time. From Daryl Rocheleau (not sure of spelling) with D'Alessandro Contracting. Says they a contract to complete all point repair work and will proceed unless otherwise told by Hardiman. July 11 2007. 

The response from Lakeshore to D'Alessandro group is to complete current work and not continue any more repair work. 

"I will shut these effin jobs down" witness says Ferguson told him if he didn't get D'Alessandro off the job site. "These jobs" is work for contract 865. 

That's it for the week. Judge dismisses jurors. US Attorney Mark Chutkow asks for sidebar for evidenciary ruling. 

US Attorney Michael Bullotta gets up with an issue about defense objections to Hardiman's testimony. Judge says she only sustained objections twice on what Rachmale was saying. 

Court reconvenes Monday at 9AM.

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