9:02AM Still getting used to the shortened defense table without Victor Mercado. Harold Gurewitz, another defense lawyer aside from Jim Thomas for Kwame Kilpatrick, is also in the courtroom. Curious if Kwame is over the nasty cold he was overdosing on Sudafed for yesterday. 

Avinash Rachmale is set to take the stand again today. Gerald Evelyn has a few more things to cross-examine Rachmale on. 

9:05AM Evelyn continue his cross of Rachmale. Looking at an email from Rachmale to Victor Mercado which thanks him for meeting on June 10th 2003. They discussed Lakeshore Engineering, Black and Vetch and they were excited about bidding on upcoming contracts. 

Rachmale doesn't remember where the meeting took place. 

Rachmale says the discussions were brief, about a minute or two.

Evelyn asks Dilip Patel never worked for you? Yes says Rachmale.

Rachmale says that he gave all the information he had on Patel to the government.

Evelyn says that Patel and his wife invested $75,000 in the Sky Group building. He was bought out but the initial investment is still held in escrow. Rachmale says Patel doesn't have investment in the building and Patel has told him he can keep the initial investment.

Rachmale says ownership has changed and stocks have been distributed. "He told me to keep the money because he trusted me," says Rachmale about Patel.

9:11AM Looking at Sky Group LLC business card for Dilip Patel. Rachmale tells Evelyn he never authorized it. The card says construction and property management.

Now looking at list of contact numbers for Lakeshore Engineering employees. It has Rachmale on it as well as many others.

Evelyn asks if any employee ever saw him move Patel's things into his office. No says Rachmale.

Dilip Patel is on the Lakeshore Engineering employee list with his email. There is no specific designation.

He worked for you didn't he, asks Evelyn. No says Rachmale.

9:17AM Now looking at email from February 1st, 2008 from Rachmale to Patel. It discusses a disagreement over payment with Bruce Washington. A concern that Dilip Patel felt he shouldn't be paid a certain amount of money.

Second page starts with email from a Brian Caldwell. Patel questionning payment to Bruce Washington. The payment should be for about $45,000 range. Email says that it is unfair for Washington to continue work without being paid as per agreement.

Caldwell was with A & H which is why he was involved in discussion. Further in email chain, Tom Hardiman also says Washington should be paid.

Evelyn asks if Patel had authorization to stop payment. No says Rachmale.

Evelyn says email chain talks about Patel stopping payment. Rachmale says he voiced concerns.

Evelyn says he stopped payment. No says Rachmale.

Email chain incorrect. No it's correct says Rachmale.

9:23AM Jim Thomas for Kwame Kilpatrick cross examines.

Thomas asks if he knows Diana Stewart, VP of Operations at A & H. Yes says Rachmale.

Who is she the aunt of asks Thomas. Kandia Milton's aunt.

Looking at letter on October 20th, 2008 to Judge David Groner. Written by Rachmale. Written in support of Kwame at sentencing. Indicated in letter that he know Kwame for 8 years.