Rachmale says its basically a contact list. 

So not just employees says Chutkow? No says Rachmale. 

Have you ever taken advantage of your friendship with Dilip Patel to get work from the city of Detroit? No says Rachmale. 

Has he ever been a cabinet level employee of the city to your knowledge? No says Rachmale. 

Two tenths of 1% of Lakeshore's revenue comes from building department says Rachmale. 

Rachmale says they waited 6 to 8 months to get payment from housing department. 

Whereas Water Department has a 1 billion budget asks Chutkow? Yes says Rachmale. 

Have you ever used your relationship with Mr. Patel to shutdown other companies' projects if they didn't pay you? No says Rachmale. 

9:43AM You were asked about a letter you wrote in support of Kilpatrick at sentencing. You were asked what you knew and did not know? Yes says Rachmale. 

Looking at text messages between Kwame and Bobby Ferguson about 1361 contract Lakeshore was involved in. 

B: 1361 is the same contract prices may be less...." 

Did you know they were discussing this at the time you wrote letter? No says Rachmale. 

Another text message exchange Kwame and Bobby on May 2nd, 2003. Mentions that Tom Hardiman at Lakshore was attempting to reach out to the mayor's office. 

Kwame responds: LOL. 

Did the Water and Sewerage Dept did they issue you a contract? Yes. 

Were they happy with the work? Yes. 

After 849 did you get other contracts from water department? Yes we got 865 which was similar. 

You were asked why you paid Ferguson $1.7 million for outfalls contract? Yes. 

Were you worried about other contractors? No says Rachmale. 

Do you usually have to pay a subcontractor more than $1 million for no work? No says Rachmale. 

If you had not been worried about the contract being cancelled would you have paid Ferguson? No. 

Rachmale says $700,000 paid from Lakeshore and $1 million from contract.

You were shown a DWSD proposal from CM 2014? Yes for water construction management. 

What were you considered on this bid? Project Manager. 

How did E & T come part of your team? Ferguson didn't want his company listed on proposal says Rachmale so he told them to use E & T.