After signed, they are sent to City Council for approval. Once approved, sent back to DWSD to initiate start of project. 

Was 1361 awarded on merits? Yes says Latimer it was Request for Proposals. 

Latimer says they also had capital improvement projects. 

Kwame maybe not so recovered from cold. Hacking away. 

Was this project 1361 described as needed? Latimer says that the company would be used on as needed basis. Company would be on standby. 

Is funding source important for projects? Yes says Latimer. There are 2 types of funding. Amongst them capital funding. 

So with capital funding department goes out to Wall Street to sell bonds? Yes says Latimer. 

Looking at Lakeshore proposal. Latimer says it would have been taken to an evaluation team that includes various emkployees from different parts of operation. They would have expertise in evaluation project- engineers, inspectors... 

On the proposal, Lakeshore indicated they had filled 100% of criteria of Detroit-based business. It exceeds the required 30%. 

The proposal indicates Detroit Based Business and Small Business Enterprise breakdown. 

What kind of company is Hayes Excavating? They do a lot of excavating work. 

Do they have a history with the department? Yes says Latimer. 

And their performance? I wouldn't know exactly but I've never heard complaints about their work. 

Now looking at Board letter from Victor Mercado on February 26th, 2003. Latimer says at this stage a recommendation has been made. 

This is basically one of last steps before contracts is implemented? Yes says Latimer this is one of the last steps. 

The document is signed by Victor Mercado and shows that it has been approved by the Board. 

Government submitting a Board of Water Commissioners Agenda. On it Awni Qaqish recommends executing contract 1361. 

Latimer says the justification for contract is for company to provide services to sewer lines on an emergency basis. 

How much work has been done to get to this point? Latimer says they have prepared documents, taken in documents, paid for advertising and staff has taken time to evaluate contract. 

Latimer says it's a 3 to 4 month process to get to this stage. 

11:08AM Including RFP, we're talking 6 months or more? Yes. 

We're is the funding coming from? The operating budget says Latimer. This is the source the contract will draw its payments from. 

The agenda discusses that during a meeting of December 18th, 2002, staff was granted permission to conduct negotiations. 

On page 3 in the motions section, it was approved unanimously. The document was ready to be moved to city of Detroit to be executed by city council. 

Was there a delay? Yes says Latimer.