F: Need to see you for 5 minutes when is that possible ma’am

B: Thursday or Friday would be good.

F: Ok hope you haven’t met with Mrs. Benson yet

B: No I haven’t

F: Good.

Benson is Ayanna Benson, the director of the DBA and Kwame's second cousin. Ferguson seems to want to tell Beatty to tell Benson what to do. Benson reported to board of directors chaired by Beatty who was Chief of Staff at the time. The bid for Heilmann publicly opened on June 19th.

Thomas asks for sidebar.

Exchange between Anwunah and Ferguson on June 18th 2003.

A: Congratulations for tomorrow.

F: Ok what happen good.

A: Your team got Heilmann

F: Yeah I know, thanks, also call that guy from dwsd.

Exchange between Ferguson and Beatty on June 19th 2003.

FE: Thank You I love you you are for sure my sister.

B: What did I do?

F: Benson.

B: Oh, you know I was going to take care of you.

F: Thank you

Jury asks to slow down and review text.

Exchange between mayor and Beatty. On June 19th 2003 day of project is awarded.

mayor: I'll feel better when I see you!

B: All!! Ditto!!! I'm at the DBA board meeting. I thought the civic center changes were being made through the DBA?

Text exchange about tailor made suits for Stephenson. Between Anwunah and Ferguson. October 29th 2003.

A: Sir I am calling you as you requested. Lee was in my office when I tried to reach you. He wants to know time and when we are going.

F: I can meet you at the tailor at 1:30 today. is that cool. I know that it is short notice.