In a memo from Parker to Derrick Miller Parker tells Miller, Ferguson would be a part of any contract they were awarded.  Parker knew this was an advantage in any city bid. 

Ferguson had a dispute with Eric Simmon of E&T Trucking on the CM-2014 Project.  Ferguson brought Simmons in on the contract and wanted a fee.  Ferguson directed Parker to go the Detroit Human Rights Department where Parker used to work "speak with your snitches" and Pull Simmons city certification.  The effect of this would limit Simmons ability to get any work in the city.  Parker refused to do this and Ferguson again called Parker a "Scary Mother F*****, you work for me and you do what I tell you."  Parker just looked at him like he was crazy.

12:10PM Some really interesting testimony from Bernard Parker this morning. This man has worked just about everywhere in the city from Walbridge Aldinger to Ferguson's Xcel Construction to the Detroit's Human Rights Department. 

Jim Thomas will be cross-examining first. 

12:13PM Thomas says we have never met. Witness says he has met Thomas several times, 3 or 4. Including smoking a cigar together at Lacosta after the Hutaree case. 

Parker says he worked in the city's law department for 3 years and in the human rights department with Kim Harris. 

Parker agrees that he has worked both inside and outside of government. Agrees that he made many contacts in the city government. Also agrees that he leveraged his city contacts once he left city government.

 Parker says that as a business developer for Walbridge Aldinger he occasionally liaised with city departments: DWSD, human rights, DBA and DDA. this was how he cultivated potential for new business. 

Parker says he would review bids to make sure that appropriate information had been put in the bids. 

Parker says he is not understanding Thomas's questions so Thomas reformulates his questions. 

Kwame writing notes that he passes to Michael Naughton, one of his lawyers, who reads them and passes on to Thomas. 

Witness still confused by Thomas's questions. To be honest, so am I. 

Parker says that if he saw something that gave him pause on a proposal, he wouldn't hesitate to call the city's law or human rights department. 

Thomas asks what would you have done when working with Walbridge if you thought something was wrong with another company's certification. Parker says he would call human rights, contracts and grants departments. 

Parker agrees that he knew what the rules were at the city's human rights department. But doe not agree with Thomas that he could arbitrarily ask for a company to be decertified. Parker says the human rights department would have to do its own analysis and then send it to law department to be vetted. 

Thomas says human rights could look into whether a company looking to do work in Detroit could be decertified. Parker says absolutely. 

Thomas asks if witness knew that Kwame was running for reelection in 2005. Yes says witness. Parker says he supported the mayor in his reelection campaign. He was aware that mayor lost the primary in August 2005. Parker was engaged in campaigning for Kwame. Parker says he doesn't remember how many points Kilpatrick was in the weeks leading up to the election. 

Parker doesn't remember budget discussions in the campaign. He remembers the city having a somewhat robust year. 

Parker remembers labor dispute negotiations surrounding police and fire departments. 

Thomas asks if Parker observed mayor's managerial style. "When did I work with him?" asks the witness. Parker says he never had any direct contact with Kilpatrick. 

Thomas asking if witness remembers things going on after Thomas was elected and before he took office. Thomas seems to be saying that Kilpatrick was very preoccupied and busy around this time, too much to be involved in what was going on behind the scenes. 

Looking at DWSD 1368 transmittal document for Amendment #4. 

Thomas asking Parker to discuss the many "hoops" that must be gone through in order to have amendments made. Parker complies with a nice, long explanation. Sometimes takes a few weeks and sometimes it takes much longer to be completed. 

Thomas says you are aware that city council can approve contracts. Yes sir says witness. 

"Do you see Mr.Kilpatrick's signature anywhere on the document?" asks Thomas. No sir says Parker.