9:34AM Doeh redirects.

Would Bell talk about financials to you? No.

Would you know how much money she was putting in purse? No.

Did you know her to travel with pocketbook? Yes.

When you waited outside did you know what she was talking to mayor about? No.

Witness excused.

9:35AM Mark Chutkow says Robert Beeckman with FBI.

Judge says he will be testifying a number of times like Ron Sauer of IRS.

With FBI for 17 years. now with public corruption squad- municipal corruption, police corruption, public official corruption.

Went to law school. Was prosecuting attorney. Joined FBI in 1995.

Obtained mayor's text messages with search warrants.

2 search warrants: 1 from April 8th 2008.

Thomas objects.

Second one from November 18th 2008.

First one was to Skytel messages that related to Christine Beatty, former chief of staff for Kwame, Derrick Miller, was chief information officer for former mayor, Michael Tardif, political liaison to mayor, and Bernard Kilpatrick on city pagers.

Second one was for text messages of Kwame Kilpatrick and Bobby Ferguson. First time around, didn't get them because they didn't have pin numbers. Needed to review info that came back to get pin numbers for mayor.

There were pin numbers assigned to the city. Bobby Ferguson did not have a city Skytel.

Beeckman has discs that contain text info.

Chutkow says have you looked at CDs? Yes but this is the wrong folder.

Chutkow hands him another one. Still wrong. Behind Jennifer Blackwell of the government.

Yes this is November 18th warrant?

The CDS had pin number and text messages from 2002-2005.

Exhibit TXT 2 admitted into evidence. Onto the overhead. A text message from Bernard with his pin number and telephone number. also has name of company Maestro Associates. His pin # is 8884643899.

Message to pin #4677164, Kwame Kilpatrick's pin #.

You were in courtroom when Bell testified yesterday? Yes.