Were you aware if Kwame ever made any payment to the Civic Fund in 2008? I know he made payments to the Fund but i don't know if it was 2008.

You know that a check was submitted back to Civic Fund? I don't know about a check but cash was.

11:15AM Chutkow re-directs.

You were asked about subtleties of 501c4? Yes.

You can't tell in advertisement to vote for candidate? Yes.

Now the Kilpatrick Civic Fund wasn't supposed to endorse any candidate? Yes.

It was on the basis of this promise that they received their non-profit status from IRS? Yes.

Besides just subtleties of 501c4, Kilpatrick in his debate represented that he hadn't spent one penny in his campaign? Yes.

KCF 1 -amended article of incorporation. In March 2001, Kwame still President. And then another amendment in 2002, that now Ayanna is President? Yes she is his sister. Kwame took office in January 2002.

So at the time of debate he was still President of the fund? Yes.

So when he said that he hadn't spend a single penny of the fund on his campaign he was still President in October 2001? Yes.

Even when he became mayor and relegated presidency of fund, was there anything in there amended to say that they could make contributions to campaigns. "No that wouldn't be possible."

Even after Ayanna took over was Kwame still running the fund? Yes. 

11:21AM Thomas re-directs. 

D KCF 4 shown to Beeckman. Thomas asks do you see a date on that?

Thomas asks for D KCF 2- looking at paragraph 4- articles of incorporation before the speech where it says he should not engage in political campaign.

D KCF 4- articles of incorporation dated July 26th 2001 filed with the secretary of State.

Thomas says do you see paragraph 4 as relates to campaign? No.

Thomas says you can speak about a candidate? Yes.

You can pay money out the fund to promote? Yes but for non-campaign specific issues.

Well you can talk about candidate but you can't say go vote for them? Yes.

Beeckman says that paragraph is deleted there but it essentially is in effect. you can't have a 501c4 otherwise.

Thomas you can talk about them but can't

11:26AM Chutkow re-directs.

You've testified about application for status? Yes.