Thomas admits Exhibit D SG 7- a parent teacher community organization document that shows an agenda where Williams was a speaker.

Thomas hands Williams 5 or 6 more documents on U.N.I.T.E work.

Williams says 2 of the documents are 2 internal operations within Vanguard that wouldn't have involved Carlita. There is a document on a group activity form which Williams is not sure she has seen. Then there is another purple document she doesn't recognize.

Thomas admits D SG 8 A, B and C- first is desired student outcome, B is Aspire after school and C is operation of a program.

Documents show that there was a plan. Williams says "I think she had the beginnings of a plan and in my assessment...."

Thomas interrupts "I didn't ask you for that."

Williams concedes that she does believe Carlita was well-intended.

Thomas asks for Exhibit SG 5 to go back up on screen. Vanguard document from July 25th, 2001 detailing grant funds expenditure from first installment.

Thomas has technical difficulties with projector.

Williams had been in conversation with Philip Alderfer. Alderfer wanted to suspend grant for working with Carlita Kilpatrick and for buying buildings.

Williams became aware of problem with funding when Kwame Kilpatrick called to say she had messed up.

Carlita Kilpatrick told Williams she was taking classes at a community college.

Thomas says did Carlita offer to work for free. I don't recall that says William.

Thomas directs her to her grand jury testimony where she talks about Carlita's offer for work when the second installment came through. Williams says Carlita didn't make an offer to do more work until the second part of funding came through.

Williams says that when Carlita made the offer to work, her expectation was that she wanted more money.

Thomas presses the witness to admit that she said in grand jury that Carlita offered to work for free.

Williams says that until Vanguard got more money, Carlita did not offer to work.

Exhibit D SG 9 admitted into evidence. Transcript from Williams grand jury testimony which thomas states is inconsistent with her current testimony.

Thomas brings up the fact that Williams's sister is in the U.S. Attorney's office. Williams says her sister was transferred a year ago and still working primarily on old cases.

Williams talked to her sister about the case. Talked to family, friends. The Detroit Free Press showed up on her doorstep in 2008.

Williams indicated in that conversation that she met and liked Carlita, that she did some work, that she worked under difficult circumstances like the principal of Sherrard School being difficult to work with.

Williams had a problem with how Carlita was hired, Also with the fact that she didn't do all the work.

Told the Free Press that she didn't think it was Carlita's fault the contract wasn't fulfilled.

Carlita and Williams never came into an agreement. "So in terms of fault, in terms of blame, no I don't blame her" says Williams.

1:17AM Government calls Donna Williams. She is sworn in. Bullotta questions. She is Executive Director of Brightmoor Community Center. Ovesees board and community relations. Went to University of Michigan in 1991 and graduated in 1997. Also did Harvard summer Leadership. In late 1990s, worked for Detroit Big Brothers and Sisters. Worked for VanGuard Community Development Corp in 1999. It is part of Ebeneezer church, engaged in youth development in number projects, family and housing projects. She was founding Executive Director. Maintained bookkeeping, hitred staff, secured grant funding.