Thomas asks if that money is enough to pay off her debts.

"I don't think this reflects her salary" referring to the chart amounts.

There is a dramatic drop in 2008. Thomas says how did she pay off debts?

Sauer says she received funds in previous years and cashier's checks.

You mean funds she stuffed in mattress? I don't know if she stuffed money in mattress says Sauer.

Sauer says you are characterizing something that is not accurate when referring to gambling figures.

Did you consider the fact that she might be saving money? I did consider that says Sauer.

This woman is a gambler? Correct says Sauer.

Did you check any other gambling establishments in Detroit? She gambled at Greek town.

You can't tell the jury that you have records from other gambling establishments. No I can't says Sauer.

Sauer reads "EB stored cashier's checks in her mattress or drawer"

12:20PM Bullotta redirects.

Emma Bell didn't cash all the cashier's checks on the same day? Refresh my memory says Sauer.

She would cash about $10,000 at a time.

Bullotta says if Emma Bell is giving money to Kwame and he is going home and putting it in a shoe would that conceal? Yes says Sauer.

12:21PM Bullotta calls Bob Beeckman of the FBI. Wanted to call another witness but it would take too long.

Judge calls 5 minute recess.


Judge tells court that a juror is ill. So we will adjourn until the morning.

"Watch the presidential debates tonight!" Edmunds tells the jury.

Day 7 recap:

It was all about Emma Bell today. 

The former Kwame Kilpatrick fund-raiser didn't actually make it to court but her presence was certainly felt. In his cross-examination of IRS special agent Ron Sauer,

Kwame Kilpatrick defense lawyer Jim Thomas did his utmost to discredit the government's co-operating witness, branding her just about everything out there: liar, criminal, snitch, gambler and alcoholic who stuffed money in her bra and mattress.

Bell plead guilty to tax evasion last year. She was sentenced to 18 months in jail but may see that amount reduced.