In reviewing records, found some dates says Thomas. January 17th 2006 from the Kilpatrick Inaugural Committee for 50k to Emma Bell. You indicated that 40k went to Emma Bell. It was not deposited says Sauer, went to Bell.

Is that unusual asks Thomas? It depends on bank and teller in how they choose to transact the money.

The money would not have shown up on her bank statement yes says Sauer.

Calculated attempt to cover the money? Yes says Sauer.

Angela Burris worked for Bell as driver and assistant in fund-raising.

Thomas says no knowledge of coming back to Kwame? No says Sauer.

Nothing nefarious about Burris payments? Correct says Sauer.

Looking at February 7th 2006.

Sauer had discussions with Bell about financial structuring if you keep money below 10k.

Thomas says she knew exact number? I don't recall says Sauer.

Thomas says isn't Lafayette Towers were she was living? Yes says Sauer.

More personal expenses- 5k payment to Gregory Terrell? Yes says Sauer.

Looking at May 4th 2007. Federal collateral payment for $500. Sauer doesn't recall, looks over more documents.

Wolverine Furs coat transaction for $3,500. Contributions to various philanthropic orgs like NAACP for $3,000,

D EB 1: series of documents. Admit into evidence.

The first part says Thomas is payments to Emma Bell by Kilpatrick related entities. This is old version prepared in 2007 says Sauer.

Sauer says just telling you this is not accurate spreadsheet. Incomplete at this time.

Thomas says on May 8th 2008 25k payment to Emma Bell from Kiplatrick for Mayor account. The idea to put this together was to assist Bell to remember payments/ No says Sauer.

Thomas says you met with her and reviewed in detail the dates and times. Sauer says these are reflective as payments to Miss Bell and not the cashier's checks.

Sauer says kind of uncomfortable with spreadsheet that is not accurate.

Talking to Emma Bell on March 18th 2010. Sauer says we were talking at that point. I'll take your word on memorandums says Sauer.

There was a memorandum for March 12th 2010, Also for March 18th 2010, 04/26/10, 05/12/10, 05/26/11, 06/28/11, 10/03/11, 8/10/12, 8/16/11.

Meeting about money funneled to Mr. Kilpatrick? That was one of the topics, yes says Sauer.

Thomas says document not accurate because it was evolving as time went on. Yes says Sauer.

On first meeting with Emma Bell on March 12th 2010 and she described what she did. Yes we met with Miss Bell.