Bullotta reads testimony about Clift hiding money in vacuum cleaner. Clift says yes it's accurate.

In grand jury testimony, U.S. Attorney Mark Chutkow asked him if it was complicated using him to hold money. In grand jury testimony, Clift figured they didn't want people to know but he didn't dig.

Clift says he never asked questions about what their intentions were.

Bullotta asks about phone call before Clift went to Dallas. Clift says it was so long ago, he does not remember the exact conversation.

Bullotta asks as you sit here today, do you have any doubt in your mind that you delivered $90,000 cash from Bobby Ferguson to Kwame? No says Clift

11:07AM Thomas said you indicated on grand jury that you believed that carrying large sums of money on a plane is illegal. Clift says I don't know if it's illegal or not. Thomas addresses Clift to his grand jury testimony. Thomas asks Clift if he called anyone after receiving subpoena. Not Kwame, not Bobby, not his mother. No says Clift. Clift was in a meeting with Mike Bullotta, IRS agent Ron Sauer for 36 minutes on September 29th, 2010. Thomas asks if government told him what to say. Clift says they asked questions about Kwame Kilpatrick and Bobby Ferguson.

Thomas asks if he told them about the money before the meeting broke. Clift says no. Thomas says is it because you were concerned about the legality and wanted immunity.

There was a phone call to my mother and she talked to Michael Bullotta. Clift says she didn't know anything about the money and I didn't tell her anything. Thomas sais were you worried about money when you worked for jeweler. No says Clift. Thomas says I have listened to your testimony and you are inconsistent about times.

Thomas says I need to know if you are testifying because of your fear that you were carrying money. Clift says no. Thomas rattles off list of names- Rashad Herrel and Sasha Daly amongst them- and asks if Clift knows them and sold jewelery to them. Clift says he knows one but never sold him anything.

10:47AM Jim Thomas, lawyer for Kwame Kilpatrick, cross-examines. Thomas says your relationship with Kwame goes way back. Thomas asks if he ever saw Bobby Ferguson and Kwame Kilpatrick exchange money. Clift says no. Says he is annoyed by the way Kwame carries money in balled up bills. Clift represented athletes and celebrities. Thomas says possibly drug dealers? Clift says I don't know. Thomas asks what about from the way they are dressed. Clift says he can't know if someone is a drug dealer by the way they are dressed. Clift said he wanted business and he would be happy to take money. Thomas asks if he knows that bills have special fibers. Clift says he knows about fibers to know that money is authentic. Thomas says did you know that those fibers would light up a metal detector. No says Clift. Thomas says your were never paid. No sir says Clift. The time of the money drop off in Detroit was right before he went to jail. Ok says Clift, I believe so. "I know it was before he went to jail."

Clift says when he came to the apartment and Kwame was all by himself. Clift says there must have been conversation about his arriving or he wouldn't have known where to go. Thomas asks about details of the building. Clft says he can only remember its more than 15 stories.

Thomas says that a Rolex watch was gifted to Kwame, worth about $22,000, bought by his employees. Clift says yes. Clift says he remembers selling Kwame a bracelet for himself. Clift doesn't remember a purchase for his wife. Kwame paid for it in installments over a long period of time. So long a period of time that the jeweler was concerned it would get fully paid.

Clift looks over text messages from 2004.

As late as December 2004, Kwame still had not paid for at least $6,000 on the bracelet. Kwame said he could pay half now and half later.

Thomas says money wasn't easy for Kwame in 2004. Hard to pay for $12,000-$15,000 bracelet.

Kwame indicated that he was having hard time financial problems to you and that he wanted to sell items. Yes says Clift.

In grand jury, Thomas says Clift referred to U.S. Attorney as Mike Bullotta and that today you referred to FBI special agent Bob Beckman. Thomas asks are you on first name basis with them?

Clift says no.

Thomas asks if Clift had been part of any investigation prior to talking to investigators. No says Clift.

"What about a search of you grandfather's house?" asks Thomas.

Bullotta interjects and sidebar is called.

10:45AM Judge Edmunds calls court back into session. Jurors filter back in. Kwame stands with hands clasped.

10:40 AM - Recap: Mahlon Clift, a jeweler to celebrities and long-time friend of former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, testified this morning to stuffing $90,000 his gym shorts and pant pockets as he traveled through airport metal detectors. Once back in Chicago, Clift testified that he stuck the money in a vacuum cleaner. Kwame Kilpatrick, in a dark suit and red bow tie, sat with head bowed and hands clasped in apparent prayer before proceedings began this morning. Also in court today, Bobby Ferguson's wife in a show of support. Under government questioning, Clift revealed that he received $90,000 from Bobby Ferguson in a Detroit hotel room which he then proceeded to deliver to the former mayor in 2 drops- the first for $50,000 in Dallas and the second for the remaining $40,000 in Detroit. Mike Rataj, a defense lawyer for Bobby Ferguson, indicated that Clift traveling through the airport "with a huge bulge in his pants" strained incredulity. He also got the witness to admit that Ferguson and Kilpatrick never explicitly told him what to do with the money.

None of the jurors took notes today and one female juror actually fell asleep during Rataj's cross-examination.

Clift's testimony will continue after recess.