11:28AM Rataj redirects. 

Rataj says that the $10 million on Patton Park fell squarely on Ferguson Enterprises. Beeckman says FEI was just a sub-contractor on the project.

Beeckman says he doesn't think it's true that Walbridge took $350,000 for doing nothing. 

Ferguson just spilled his glass of water all over the defendants' table. 

Back to the handwritten agreement. Rataj says you have no information that FEI did sewer or sote work. Beeckman says he knows they bid on it. 

"You can't convict someone in this country based on speculation," argues Rataj again. 

Rataj showing Walbridge's internal comparison review of sub-contractors. Says again there is no number for WPM. 

Rataj asks if Ferguson's numbers are the lowest bids due to the numbers on the top line. 

"I think you're wrong," says Beeckman because he know that WPM put in a bid on mass excavation. 

"You cannot tell from that what is the lowest bidder because there is no number for WPM," says Beeckman. 

Rataj brings up he text exchange between bobby and Kwame regarding the attempt to set up a meeting with Rakolta. Rataj says he showed there was a meeting scheduled with Rakolta and Kwame on February 10th 2007. 

Rataj asks if he knew what was said in the meeting. 

"I wasn't there so I have no idea what was said at the meeting," says Beeckman. 

Beeckman is done but now we have another federal agent. EPA agent Carol Paszkiewicz. 

11:36AM Like Beeckman, the EPA agent has been on the stand multiple times. 

Discussing Inland Waters sewer contract 1368. Talking about sinkhole in sterling Heights 2004. 

Previously admitted text messages. Chutkow says this is addressing her previous testimony. 

September 1 2004 between Kwame and Ferguson. 

Kwame: You got to get with victor on this terling heights job. He said you were meeting him out here. 

This was sent at 1:15PM. the agent says per his agenda Kwame was scheduled to be at the sinkhole between 1 and 2pm. 

Exchange on September 1st and 2nd 2004 between former mayor and Ferguson. 

Ferguson: We need to meet on how I move in. I got a great idea sir. holla in the am. owe gemo my answer service (lol) wants me to do some hauling. 

Ferguson first got to sinkhole site on September 14th 2004, about 2 weeks after text exchanges. 

Tuesday September 14th 2004 document, this is based on an interview on the sinkhole repair. The agent says this is the record she based her testimony on. It mentions when Ferguson moved his equipment to the site at 6PM. 

The sewer collapse was on August 22nd 2004. The defense introduced an exhibit when cross examining the witness that stated that Ferguson showed up onsite the next day. The document was a Ferguson Enterprises work site record. Paszkiewicz says this was inconsistent with what she had seen in her research.