9:40AM Bullotta saying that Jackson felt that Bernard couldn't stop deal per conversation. Rosendall agrees that is what is said. 

January 9th 2008, transcript of conversation with Pam Racey. Rosendall says: "....honestly Pam if I didn't think they could screw with us, I would blow them off and not even deal with it. Obviously afraid that Bernard will blow the deal. 

March 5th 2008 transcript. Bernard to Rosendall: "I was pissed and I thought of it... I could have him, not blow it up, but I could have him, you know, stop it for a year, stop it for 2 years." 

Bullotta discussing lunch receipts. Bullotta asks if Bernard ever took Rosendall out to lunch. "I don't believe so," says Rosendall. 

Discussing how Rosendall had suggested meeting in parking lot. "Yeah, yeah, I'll talk to you. Not, not, not on the phone though," said Bernard earlier in the conversation. Rosendall says this was before he worked with the FBI and he felt that Bernard was saying his office might be bugged so he didn't want to be caught on tape. 

Discussion between Racey and Rosendall about why Kwame wouldn't get involved in agreement dispute 

Racey: "Yeah but wouldn't Kwame say something, have something to say about it?" Rosendall says this is about agreement dispute. Or does he get into it." 

Rosendall: "He doesn't get involved with it." Rosendall says Kwame wasn't involved with that agreement between Jackson and Bernard. Bullotta says Rosendall had no reason to think the mayor knew the details of that agreement. No says Rosendall. 

December 20th 2007 after parking lot meeting. 

Rosendall: "i mean he wouldn't have ever been involved if it hadn't been for you?" 

Bernard: "Right, right. I know...." Bullotta now discussing black Onyx invoice for $5,000. "Services rendered for minority participation and political consultation" is the invoice description. Bullotta asks if their work had been done. Not by Black Onyx says Rosendall. What about Bernard asks Bullotta. Some of it had been done by Jackson says Rosendall. 

Bullotta asking about the Black Onyx invoice address. Appears it might have been Bernard's office address from that time. 

Bullotta asking why Rosendall was discussing trucking waste away if Bernard didn't have a trucking company. Rosendall says this was a possibility for making more money. 

Discussing much more, Harrington and Smalley which specializes in government in Lansing.

Bullotta asks if they ever threatened to blow up a deal.

No says Rosendall.

Bullotta asks if witness ever felt he had to give them a case of Cristal champagne of give them money in gum wrappers. No says Rosendall. 

Bullotta asks if Rosendall ever felt the Lansing consultants wanted to be paid into girlfriends' accounts. No says Rosendall. 

Bullotta asks if Rosendall avoided Bernard. Rosendall says he did. 

Bullotta asking why Rosendall didn't just tell Bernard that he couldn't do deals with him because he was mayor's fathers. Why didn't he blow him off.

Rosendall says he didn't want him to kill the deal. 

Rosendall would have made $2 million if the deal went through and put a couple of hundred thousand of his own funds into the deal. 

$3.8 million would have been the cut for Bernard and Olumba- more than Rosendall stood to gain. 

Bullotta sks what work they did to gain that.

"I don't know," says Rosendall.