Looking at Kwame's Allstate insurance form. 

12:40PM Jim Thomas cross examines. 

Looking at the $2,000 check from the Kilpatrick Civic fund in March 2000. Dalgleish says they took the check and it was not returned. 

Thomas asking witness if he knew what purpose the car was being used for- personal or business. Witness says he doesn't know. 

Now talking about 2009 Cadillac Escalade. Thomas saying all vehicles leased or purchased in Michigan need statement of sale. Witness agrees. 

Witness says that Enterprise is the purchaser and Kilpatrick is the leasee. 

Witness says he didn't personally handle the whole deal. Just the writing of that first receipt. Witness says he only met Kwame then. 

Thomas says nothing inappropriate about a guy getting a jail getting a car. Correct says witness. 

Witness says there is a discount to paying a lease upfront rather than monthly. Witness says this is done about 15% to 20% of the time. 

Looking at the dealership receipt for $9,000 in cash and $4,000 cashier's check. 

Looking at the $35,458 total of lease pre-payments by Kilpatrick. 

Looking at $16,000 cashier's check which lists Kilpatrick as the remitter. 

Thomas says you didn't inquire where this money came from. Correct says witness. 

Nothing suspicious about cashier's checks. Correct says witness. 

Thomas asks if witness knows what Kilpatrick was doing between getting out of jail and giving checks. No says witness. 

Thomas asks if he knows that Kilpatrick had signed a large contract with Compuware. No says witness. 

Thomas asks if he knows if the cash was a gift. No says the witness. 

12:50PM Looking at IRS form declaring the more than $19,000 from Kwame that was paid to the dealership. Doesn't include the $16,000 cashier's check. looks like it was prepared on February 26th 2009. 

"The only green cash," says witness about receiving the $9,000 versus the cashier's checks. 

Cashier's check from National City for $4,000 dated February 23rd 2009. Remitter on the check is Carolyn C. Kilpatrick. So drawn from Kwame's mother's account. 

Looking at letter to Kwame from dealership on December 31st 2009, about 10 months after transaction. Witness says they were required to put these letters together by the end of the year. 

Witness says he is not aware of Kilpatrick contacting dealership and or complaining about disclosure of that information. 

On IRS form, there is a line for "suspicious transaction."

The box is not checked when declaring the amount paid by Kwame. 

"People from all walks of life can buy a Cadillac," says Thomas. Witness says yes.