FEI= $13,492,064


Witness goes over underlying exhibits to support her numbers.


Book Cadillac Hotel

Walbridge, Jomar, Marous Brothers (Cleveland-based company) joint venture with Jenkins Construction & Cadillac Funding Association

FEI= $9,198,153


Heilmann Recreation Center

JOA Construction

Xcel= $161,185


Subtotal= $22,851,402


2 jurors asking questions about underlying exhibits. 

Trial contracts total: $83,829,612. These are are Ferguson-related contracts that we have heard about in this case. 

City Related Revenue: $124,756,491. This includes records of Ferguson's bank accounts and that includes all Ferguson company-related payments by the city including Detroit Building Authority and Detroit Economic Growth Corporations. Took out Detroit Public Schools because that is a separate entity. So this figure is all the revenue Ferguson generated from Detroit under the Kilpatrick administration 

That's $40 million more than contracts discussed in trial. Just looked at payments from 2002 forward. Could have happened after 2008 but would have had to been awarded while Kilpatrick was in office. 

623, water main contract awarded to Ferguson awarded in 1999. Witness includes revenues from that occurred while Kilpatrick was in office. 

10:54AM Mike Rataj cross examines for bobby Ferguson. 

Rataj says that on these contracts Ferguson was a subcontractor. Witness does not agree because Xcel was involved in some joint ventures. 

Rataj recalls DWSD's Dan Edwards testimony about 40 to 60 outstanding contracts. Witness recalls that but she thought there were possibly more. Witness has 11 contracts on her chart.

Rataj puts up the first page of the charts. Directs witness's attention to CM 2012. Rataj calls it CS 1347, the pilot project before CM 2012 came to be. 

Rataj says that DLZ approached Victor Mercado, then head of the DWSD, directly to propose this project. Witness says there was an existing 1347 under which the pilot project was run. 

Witness says that the payment is for pilot and some extraneous work on CM 2012. Rataj says that the chart doesn't have number for total costs and expenses on CM 2012. No says witness.