Sounds like Paskiewicz is done for the day. 

Judge says we will take 5 minute break now.

11:45AM US Attorney Jennifer Blackwell calls Gwen Rosenthal. She is an FBI agent in Detroit. Has been there for 10 years. Works on the public corruption squad.

 Was part of the execution of a search warrant on January 15th 2009 in the Guardian building on Griswold. Was serving Xcel Construction. Two people were there, an employee and Bobby Ferguson. They found records of contracts Xcel was working on, banking instruments and cash, $261,500. 

Looking at an artsy take of the exterior of the Guardian offices from the ground up. Offices are located on the 24th floor. 

Now looking at a picture of Ferguson's office at Xcel. Witness calls it an "executive office"- has a conference table. Witness knew it was Ferguson because of family photos, awards and certificates with name, computer screen login was Ferguson. 

Witness indicates Ferguson's desk. 

Door in the background of the picture is entrance to the office. 

Now looking at a picture of interior door to bathroom through Ferguson's office. The only way into the bathroom is through the office. 

Picture taken from the inside of the bathroom looking out. there is a small train track with yellow train on the floor of the office. 

In the bathroom, there is a panel in the wall attached on a hinge to the wall. Behind the panel, there was a safe. 

There were 3 other safes found- 2 lock boxes and 1 safe. also found in Ferguson's office. One lockbox lead to another safe says the witness. 

Looking at the front of the first safe found. Says "American Security" on it. It was opened, and there is an envelope on the safe. It says Calvin Hall on it which is crossed out and then says "BW". witness says that is what Bobby is commonly referred as. 

Looking at stacks of cash in open safe. Lots and lots of cash. Most of it still in original bank straps in denominations of $2,000. 

Looking at certificates of deposit as well as jewelry, a watch, all found in the safe. 

Certificates of deposit in large values:

$410,000, $507,000, $200,000 to Xcel and one $100,000 to Ferguson. 

There were 2 payroll checks to Ferguson. 

There was a photocopy of check from A & H for $50,000 attached to certificate of deposit. Reference to CM 2014 on the check. 

There was a business checkbook with ledger located in the office. 

A lot of the cash in original bank straps. Bundles of $2,000 and $5,000. Primarily $50 and $100 bills. $261,500 total cash.

Total amount of CDs was approximately $1.2 million. 

12:03PM Turning to different search on September 8th 2010 at 25495 St. James, a townhome in Southfield. 

Looking at an exterior picture of front entrance of the townhouse. title was in Shakib Deria's name, found records liking Ferguson to townhouse. Found records for travel in april that year, motorcycle records. There are photos of Ferguson and his family in the home. 

Found small portable safe behind the dryer in the laundry room.