Evelyn says that Shakib should talk to the guys in charge of the project and find out what was going on. Bobby then directs Deria to call Bernard back. 

Evelyn says that Bobby will get Deria call the Marous Brothers and ask them what happened. Beeckman agrees. 

Evelyn asks for the tape to be played because Beeckman can't figure out from the transcript what Evelyn is asking him.

9:50AM Bobby clearly heard sying that they need to call Shakib Deria to do some investigating. That Deria should talk to his "main guy." 

9:53AM Bullotta redirects. 

Bernard never says he's going to file a complaint with HR agrees Beeckman. 

Transcript of Bernard and Bobby conversation. Clearly thinking that Jackson can make trouble for Jackson and that maybe he might be able to run him off the project. 

Bullotta says it was mentioned that Bernard said Capita Waste was arbitrarily taken off the site. 

Bullotta says on the tape Bobby says he will get Deria to investigate. 

Shakib says that Capital Waste was kicked off because "they wasn't picking up cans on time." 

Beeckman says that if you recall that Rosendall was afraid of not making Bernard happy so that if Bernard asked to get Jenkins thrown off the Synagro deal, that might happen. 

Beeckman says it's not a normal consultant function to get a contractor thrown off a project. 

9:58AM Shea does more cross. 

Shea asking if someone repeatedly breaks the rules, could they get kicked of the project. Beeckman says yes. 

So if Bernard feels that is what Jenkins is doing, it's not out of the realm of possibility that they might get kicked off. "It'not out of the realm of possibility, no," says Beeckman. 

Shea says that if Bernard thinks that his client is getting screwed by Jenkins, he could trumpet it to the world. 

"Yes he could trumpet it to the world," says Beeckman. 

Shea says there is no evidence that Bernard spoke with George Jackson. Yes says Beeckman. 

There is no evidence Bernard spoke with Gerard Grant Philips. Beeckman pauses for a very long time. Then he agrees there is no evidence before backing up and saying there was mention of him talking to Grant Philips. But that was for something else says Shea. 

Shea says that Deria talks about a superintendent on the Book Cadillac site. Says after he took kickbacks from Americal and then kicked off Capital Waste. 

Beeckman agrees that this is what is said. 

10:04AM Next witness is IRS agent Ron Sauer. 

Bullotta asking about the $5,000 gift receipt to Florida A & M that CPA Gregory Terrell testified he applied towards a tax deduction on Kwame's 2007 tax returns. 

Curious why government didn't bring Sauer after tax people yesterday and brought in Beeckman in between instead. 

Looking at gift receipt from Florida A & M University Foundation in October 2007.