Tandy says west side cubs is a non profit and all people are volunteering. He wears many hats- coaching to picking up garbage. 

Has been doing this for 20 years. 

"It saved my life," says Tandy. He played from ages 8 to 14. Then went off to Tennessee State. 

Tandy mentions other former West Side cubs including Larry Foote who still identify with the Cubs bond. 

Tandy says they play teams from all over Detroit. 

Witness says they don't turns children away from the program because they would prefer kids on the field than on the streets. 

Some funds come from donations. The Kilpatrick Civic Fund donated to the West Side Cubs. 

Looking at a check from $2,500 from the Kilpatrick Civic Fund to the Westside Cubs. Dated July 22nd 2004. Memo line says "04 season." 

Another KCF check to the Westside cubs for $1,250. Dated August 5th 2005. Memo line reads "donation cheerleading." 

Another KCF check for $1800. Dated October 27th 2006. 

And yet another. For $2500 from September 1st 2007. 

And another. $750 dated October 25th 2007. Memo line reads "donation." 

And another. $1,000 dated November 11th 2007. Witness says this was the Cubs 50th anniversary and they really needed help that year. They had some major break ins in 2006 and needed many things replaced. 

Witness says this is the year that the Kilpatrick civic Fund donated $1,000 to every team in the league. 

Tandy says donations were made at halftime of championship game that each team was given $1,000. 

12:20PM Naughton shows a check from November 11th for $1,000 for the Detroit Chargers. 

Witness agrees that other entities donated, Larry Foote donated, the UAW donated $11,800. 

Tandy says all these donations helped the Westside Cubs. 

Another check from KCF for $1,000 to Westside Cubs in September 2008. 

Naughton saying that Kwame's children played for the Cubs at some point. Witness agrees thinks they played in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2007. 

Tandy says none of those checks were for children to play. Strictly for the Westside Cubs. 

Naughton says the Civic Fund did not just donate the years that the Kilpatrick children played. 

Tandy recalls attending a birthday party for Kwame at the Atheneum. Does not recall the theme of the party. 

Looking at the Splash of Red party invitation. Witness saying party was packed. 

"I don't know 800. 1000. I don't know. A lot," says Tandy about the number of party attendees.