Latimer is looking at his own letter that awarded Lakeshore with a huge contractor, even though it came in second to Detroit Program Mgt. Team. DCI and Ferguson’s XCELL were actually the best scores for the bid.

Rataj points out that Ferguson didn’t get the contract. 

“Mr. Mercado decided to split it up and not give Mr. Ferguson the contract.” Rataj. Latimer: “Right.” 

Rataj then says Inland got a pair of contracts after Kilpatrick left office.

Lakeshore filed a formal protest with DWSD over that contract and lost, Latimer agrees. 

So, Ferguson’s attorney is making a point that Ferguson didn’t get a contract worth $80 million. Lakeshore didn’t get it either, and they apparently had “friends” in the department. 

Rataj ends with Latimer. 


Now the prosecution is back to question Latimer.

Mark Chutkow is asking the questions for the government. 

Chutkow is back with the DWSD letter to Inland to show they overbilled $186k on a $50 Million project to fix that 15 and Hayes sinkhole.

Chutkow is showing that Rataj just focused on a drop in the bucket involving a blip in a huge project, showing no fraud was perpetrated by Inland. 

Chutkow is going back to yesterday, viewed as a “win” for the defense.

They’re focusing on that $10m contract Lakeshore says it won, then was stripped of due to Ferguson.

Yesterday, Latimer testified that the contract wasn’t officially awarded to Lakeshore in the first place. 

Chutkow: “Did Mr. Mercado ever direct you to cancel this contract?”

Latimer: “Not at that time.” 

Latimer then says during this time to review bids and decide who gets the contract, DWSD asked it’s board to move forward in negotiating with Lakeshore.

The process to award the $10m bid between 2002-2003 were moving forward with Lakeshore. 

The contract with Lakeshore was presented to the board for approval.

Looks like Lakeshore won the $10m deal to repair sewers and water mains in Detroit. 

2/26/2003 Victor Mercado signed the order to move forward to enter into a contract with Lakeshore Engineering. 

“APPROVED” is stamped on the document being shown to the jury. 

Months later the contract was cancelled and rolled into Inland’s contract.

“Correct.” Latimer said.