Harris was the person who certified DLZ as a Detroit Headquartered Business.  There was an investigation and it was determined DLZ met the requirements as a Detroit Headquartered Business.  The City of Detroit Law Department came to a legal conclusion that DLZ was a Detroit Headquartered Business.  

The Detroit Law Department advised Harris that certified business should not get their certification revoked during the term of their certification.  They should wait for that certification to expire. 

Victor Mercado called Harris back in May of 2006 and asked if DLZ was a certified DHB.  Harris advised DLZ was certified.  

Gerard Grant Phillips - Director of the Human Right Department , told Harris to de-certify DLZ. 

Phillips told Harris this was directed by Mayor Kilpatrick.  "The mayor wants it done!" 

Harris felt it undermine the whole process, never-the-less Harris drafted the de-certification letter and Phillips signed it. 

Harris directed the person who runs the Certified Detroit Based Business Register to remove DLZ from the register.

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