Beeckman agrees again that this is an area of interest of the mayor but reiterates again there are alot of people between the mayor and Kado.

Thomas says you are an FBI agent you are naturally suspicious? "I agree to everything except that I am naturally suspicious," says the GI man.

Thomas asks to look at text message from January 23rd, 2004 from Samara Bradley: "Karl Kado (his personal #)"

Thomas says again this is around auto show about the guy in charge of cleaning, electrical and food concessions? Yes says Beeckman.

At the present time there are no pending charges against Kado? Yes says Beeckman.

He was never charged with racketeering? No.

Does the FBI investigate money laundering? Yes says Beeckman.

Is skimming money money laundering? Could be says Beeckman.

Beeckman says Kado plead to a tax count but doesn't know if it was a reduced charge.

Beeckman says he doesn't have charges when they open a case file. Thomas wantes to know what the charges were.

Beeckman says they were looking at bribes being had at Cobo Hall.

Isn't that a higher charge than tax counts? Yes says Beeckman.

Thomas says if he was part of racketeering conspiracy the charges would be through the roof? They would be significantly higher, yes says Beeckman.

Thomas is done.

10:08AM John Shea cross examines Beeckman.

Shea setting stage for the lotto ticket debt scenario.

Shea says you had one interview with Kado before target letter of September 2005. and the first post target letter interview was February 22nd, 2006 and then a subsequent one on March 2nd 2006. And they interviews covered relationship with Bernard? Yes says Beeckman.

Shea says in March 2nd 2006 he told you he covered $20,000 lotto tab at his brother's store? Yes.

And Karl Kado loaned his brother money to cover it? Yes.

On March 1st 2008 Kar Kado is wired for breakfast meeting with Bernard? Yes.

And at this time he talks about $80,000 lotto tab? Yes.

And Bernard says no, no now way is it that much? Yes.

You had had numerous contacts with Karl Kado at this point? Yes.

This was the second recorded meeting, the first was on February 8th 2008? Yes. 

There is at least of month probably more of you having contact with Karl Kado about recorded conversations? Yes.