Might I refresh your memory with a document from March 28th 2007? Yes. Kado reads over the document.

Does that help you remember now? Yes.

So you did extend Mr. Kilpatrick credit at your store? Yes.

You had many business interests in Cobo Hall: a sundries business? Yes.

Also had additional temporary stores? Yes.

You were also a partner with Ogden for general food business at Cobo Hall? Yes.

That involved you and Ogden operating a business for a bar and restaurant at Cobo Hall? Yes.

Additionally there was catering involved? Yes. There was a sitdown bar but no sitdown restaurant.

You also had ambitions on additional business interests that might come up at Cobo Hall? Right.

Around the time Mayor Kilpatrick was elected? Yes.

You heard the electrical contract for Cobo Hall might be coming up? Yes.

You also had concerns when Kilpatrick became mayor that Mr. Pavledes might be replaced as director of Cobo Hall? Yes.

You saw Bernard as someone important who could represent your interests with the city? Yes.

Obviously he knew people in the administration? Yes.

You asked Bernard various times for his assistance? Yes.

And you agreed to pay him for that? Yes.

You thought he would provide you that assistance for free?

Didn't you in fact have an understand with Bernard that you were going to pay him and he was going to provide him services? For what asks Kado.

For example, you asked Bernard to help keep Pavledes? Yes.

You never asked him to act on your behalf of the janitorial contract?

You knew that Pavledes had to give it to you. It couldn't just be approved.

9:22AM Memo dated February 4th 2004 submitted by US Attorney Bullotta yesterday. Talks about increase to Kado for janitorial contract. agreement was effective June 14th 2002.

Shea says that you asked Bernard to advance your interests with the electrical contracts? Yes.

There were other people interested in the electrical contracts? Yes.

Namely Ladarla Easley, Derrick Miller's sister, wanted those contracts? Yes. Ladarla Easley wanted to get the contracts. "I was forced to take her as a partner because she was Derrick Miller's sister."