You even invited him to your house and to one of your children's graduation? Yes.

Not every meeting he had with you he gave you money? No. 

He never asked you for specific amount of money? Yes.

You testified that you gave him between $5,000 and $10,000. Where did you get the money? "I got the money from the safe at Cobo Sundries."

You would accumulate the cash there? Yes. 

Where did you meet with the mayor to give him the money? Either at Cobo or at his office. 

No, the first time? I don't know exactly where. 

Do you know where it was? No. 

Do you know who was there? No one was. 

Well you testified that he came to Cobo Hall? Yes. 

Well he would have been with EPU and there were standing outside the door? Yes. 

How much did you give the mayor the first time? $10,000 

Thomas says he can't remember where, when and what Kwame was wearing when he gave him money. Yes says Kado. 

Kwame Kilpatrick came to 547 Jefferson and took money from you? What year? I don't know. There was 18 feet of snow. 

What was he wearing? I don't know.

Who was he with?

Kwame Kilpatrick never asked you for a specific amount of money? Yes. 

Would you agree that your memory of the specifics is vague? Yes.

When was it that he came to 547? August 2003. 

Sir didn't you tell me it was wintertime asks Thomas. 

Kado says there was 18 feet of snow. Kado has just contradicted himself on timing. 

Thomas says didn't you admit to a judge that you had lied on your tax returns? Yes. 

12:50PM Mayor Kilpatrick responsible for what he intends to do? Yes says Kado. 

When you were meeting with government you knew government was target of government. 

Prosecution objects. Judge sustains but gives Tomas leeway.