Once for $300 that is shown on surveillance video that FBI gave him.

Rosendall says he later became cooperator with FBI. Rosendall says he would take Bernard out to lunches.

Rosendall paid. Discussing donations. Looking at Rosendall check for $7,500 to the Kilpatrick Civic Fund on October 31st 2004. Witness says he felt pressured by Tardiff and Bernard to pay. A week later, on November 7th 2005 out of Rosendall's personal account for $10,000 to Generations PAC. PAC affiliated to Kilpatrick.

Rosendall says Tardiff and Bernard were pushing for a $20,000. Rosendall made a $7,500 hoping it would go away. But it didn't so he wrote another check for $10,000 to the PAC. About 2 months later, there was a check to the Kilpatrick Inaugural Committee.

Dated January 3rd 2006 and is a personal check for $5,000 from Rosendall's account. Rosendall says he made this payment to help pay for Inaugural party. Doesn't recall who asked for the money. Another Rosendall personal check dated May 19th 2007 for the Kilpatrick for Mayor campaign. It was for $3,400- the legal limit to campaign contributions.

Rosendall says the contract was close to being wrapped up and they didn't need to rock the boat. In November 2007, the Synagro contract went to vote with the DWSD. Needed water board approval, City council as well as Kwame's approval. City Council voted to approve the contract on November 20th.

Rosendall paid Rayford Jackson for expenses including bribe payments. Defense calls for sidebar. Ferguson looking a little peaked and tired for the first time in the trial.  

11:10AM Leading up to City Council, Synagro made payments to Rayford Jackson.

Jackson said he made commitments to people and would have to be reimbursed for making payments to City council members.

Rosendall mentions Councilwoman Monica Conyers as having received payment from Jackson.

Rosendall says he did know before the City council vote that Monica Conyers was going to be paid.

Bribe payments made in September/October 2007. Rosendall acknowledges that bribery activity was part of Rosendall's guilty plea.

November 27th 2007 is the day that Kwame apparently signed the approval for the contract.

Listening to a phone call from November 27th 2007.

Handing out the transcripts from the jurors. "It's done," says Jackson. "I have the resolution," says Jackson."

Apparently the clerk will get the resolution and then take it.

"So mayor has signed off then? asks Rosendall. "Yes, he already signed off. Take care of BK." says Jackson. "Isn't that something?" says Jackson.

The call between Rosendall and Jackson was intercepted by FBI. Rosendall did not know FBI was listening at that point. Rosendall says given that the agreement went through, he was to take care of BK financially.

"He" signed off is Kwame. Rosendall says the contract consisted of handling the residual sludge and a portion would go into land application process. the other portion of the contract was for Synagro to build a new incineration facility and process the balance of the waste at that facility.

Rosendall says it was a very good contract for the city. Again, about $1.1 billion over 25 years. At the time the contract was signed in November 2007, Rosendall understood that Jackson and Bernard would get success fees.

Both were to 45% and Akunna Olumba was to get 10%.

Olumba was a former girlfriend of Bernard's.

Talking about December 4th 2007.

The Original House of Pancakes in Royal Oak met with Bernard. Still didn't know he was being wiretapped by FBI. Restaurant was crowded and people were waiting to be seated. But Rosendall didn't have to wait; he went straight to an open table. Later learned that the FBI reserved a table for him so he could listen to him.

Bernard, Olumba and Rosendall were at the breakfast meeting. Rosendall says they talked about agreement with Bernard, Jackson and Olumba and how the payments to them would breakdown. About to play a segment of the meeting.