"This is BK. I'd appreciate a call today. Vacation or no motherf***ing vacation," says a pissed Bernard on the recording.

Bernard nodding in agreement that he was angry. Rosendall says he called him back. Had never had an angry call like this from Bernard before. Rosendall didn't want Bernard to get mad and have the Synagro deal go sideways because of his link to the mayor.

Rosendall went to meet Bernard on December 20th in the parking lot outside Bernard's office.

Rosendall says they met outside to make it a quick meeting. Rosendall says he believes that Bernard told him his office was bugged. Rosendall says he wanted to appease the situation and had a Christmas gift he wanted to give him. He had a case of Cristal champagne for Bernard. Those things cost a couple of thousand dollars. Rosendall says that Bernard appeared very frustrated in the parking lot.

Rosendall also gave him $300 in cash when Bernard indicated he needed to buy Christmas presents for his grandkids. Rosendall says that struck a cord with him, so he went back to his car got the cash, stuck it in a gum wrapper and gave it Bernard. Now looking at a video of Bernard and Rosendall. We can see Rosendall carrying a case of the champagne and putting it in the back of Bernard's SUV, a black Escalade.

This is the first recorded video we've seen.

See Rosendall going back to his white SUV car and getting something. Goes to the center console in his car to grab the gum wrapper. Hands the wrapper to Bernard. Rosendall says that Bernard was upset because the agreement with Jackson, Olumba, himself was not finalized yet and he hadn't been paid money.

At one point, Bernard made a comment about "blowing up the house" meaning blowing up the deal.

Rosendall was worried that Bernard could carry out his threat to blow the deal. Listening to a conversation recoding between Rayford Jackson and Rosendall later that same day. "Oh my gosh!" says Rosendall.

"He threatened to unravel the deal. Just going nuts," says Rosendall further. Rosendall says he is talking to Jackson about Bernard. "Best thing to do is get out now JR...." says Jackson.

"This is why you've got to end it with this guy," says Jackson. "If you try to pacify him, it's just going to fuel him...." says Jackson. Rosendall says Jackson was talking about Bernard.

Rosendall confirms his nickname is "JR." Rosendall can be heard telling Jackson that the meeting with Bernard went "on and on."

11:55AM Rosendall says he understood Black Onyx to be a company owned by Olumba.

Looking at email from December 21st, day after the parking lot incident listing Olumba's company. there was an invoice attached to it.

Invoice to Synagro due upon receipt for $5,000.

Services rendered for minority representation and political consultation. Rosendall says Olumba never did anything for Synagro.

In December 2007, Rosendall forwarded Olumba's invoice to Pam Racey VP of business development at Synagro. Rosendall tells her that he hasn't talked to Alvin, the corporate attorney about it. Also told her that she should be the one to talk to Rayford Jackson.

Rosendall says he sent it for her review and to check it against agreement with Jackson.

On January 9th 2008, there was a call between Racey and Rosendall. Racey was in charge of the Detroit contracts out of Baltimore, MD.

"Honestly Pam if I didn't think they could screw with them, I would blow them off and wouldn't even deal with it. But I know how vindictive people can be," says Rosendall. "What blows me away is that I can believe Rayford is trying to sit back and be a hard ass...." says Rosendall.

Rosendall says he was talking about agreement with Jackson, Olumba and Bernard.

"I think everyone was being greedy and unreasonable," says Rosendall. He had told Racey where they, Jackson, Olumba, Bernard and the city, would screw with them was on the city permits. 

12:05PM 5 minute break.

12:17PM Judge Edmunds back in the courtroom. 

On January 22nd 2008, was the day that Rosendall was contacted by FBI agent Bob Beeckman. He was pulled over and questioned by FBI. Rosendall was in Jackson on his way back to Grand Rapids. The feds asked if he would go downtown and talk to them.