Detroit police arrest a second man wanted in connection with a fatal shooting on Detroit's west side earlier this year.

Investigators said the suspect shot and killed Purcell Carson and Monica Botello as Botello's 8-year-old daughter hid in horror.

Another man, Derrick Dennard Smith, 42, was arrested a few months ago in California.


Police said Botello's daughter called 911 from her mother's cell phone after Smith and the other man left the home.

Police released the 911 call from the night of the shooting.

"My mommy's in the basement and I need emergency," the little girl said.


The dispatcher asked the girl questions that she attempts to answer.

"Where is your mother? Put her on the phone," the dispatcher said.

"No, she's almost dead," the girl said.

"Where do you live?" the dispatcher asked.

The girl, unsure of her address, is heard asking her mother.

"Mommy, where we at? Tell me. Where we at? I got to tell the police where we at. I called 911. Where we at?"

The dispatcher continues to ask questions.

"Let me talk to your mom. Where is your mom at?" the dispatcher asked.

"She's almost dead," the girl responded.

"Who else is in the house?"

"There is no one else in the house," the girl said.

"You need to calm down and give me an address. I don't know where you are at. You have to tell me where you are at," the dispatcher told her.

"My mommy is almost dead. Please help me. Do you promise you'll help me?" the little girl cried. The dispatcher sent the little girl outside to get the address.

"What happened to your mother?" asked the dispatcher.

"She was shot," the little girl answered. "She is still breathing. But, my dad is not."

"Let me speak to your dad. Is he there?" the dispatcher said.

"No, he's dead," the little girl answered.