It has been almost a week since DNA testing confirmed the charred body of a girl found in a burned abandoned Detroit home on Waverly Street is 5-year-old Mariah Smith.

The girl's mother, Konesha Smith, has said she thinks her daughter was kidnapped from their home on the city's west side after a family party. She has already taken a polygraph test.

The mother told Local 4 that her sister, Quanita Smith, had failed a polygraph and was being held by police. Police said they were questioning Quanita Smith's boyfriend and two cousins.

Quanita Smith was eventually let go by police.

This past week Konesha Smith said she did not think her sister had anything to do with Mariha's death.

However, Konesha Smith said Wednesday at a fundraiser for Mariha that she is changing her mind about what Quanita Smith might know.

"(Quanita) knows something," Konesha Smith said. "If she wasn't involved, then she knows something."

Konesha Smith said police want to question her sister again, but no one can find her.

There are no suspects in the homicide case. Police have an unidentified person of interest. Surveillance video shows the man buying 41 cents worth of gasoline at a nearby gas station hours before Mariha's body was discovered at the burned house.

Konesha Smith said she wants anyone with information about her daughter's death to just turn themselves in so she can know why it had to happen.

She also said she wants her sister to turn herself into police.