Third check to Regality Management for $1,050 drawn on KCF account. Also dated September 19th 2008.

Security deposit of $2,350 dated September 19th 2008. Drawn on the Kilpatrick Civic Fund to Regality Management Services.

Did you have any idea what the Civic Fund was? No.

So we looked at 1 check drawn from personal account and 3 on KCF account.

10:07AM Thomas cross examines.

How did Kwame come to? A fellow realtor contacted me.

Did you meet with Mr. and Mrs. Kilpatrick? Yes.

Why did they need a place to stay? They needed interim housing because he was going away and he wanted them close by.

Was it known as the Park Shelton? Yes.

Was the University Preparatory close by? Yes.

Witness said location would accommodate children's schooling.

Was it nice? Did you go in? Yes.

It's safe and has security? Yes.

When you say Kwame "was going away" that's a euphemism for jail? I guess.

This is a lease that was for 6 months, short term. What was reason for this? Don't know for exact but this was covering time he was away.

Witness says lease on property began September 19th.

Thomas pulls up the lease and looks at terms. Thomas says you get commission on that? Yes.

Document sets forth lease from September 17th 2008 to March 17th 2009.

Thomas asks about check of $9,400 that says 4 month lease- why? Witness says she doesn't know originally lease for 6 months.

Thomas says KCF paying for security deposit, 4 month lease and incidentals.

Now looking at Kwame's personal check for $4,700. Thomas asks what the monthly rent is. Trying to establish if this amount is for 2 months’ rent.

Exhibit 81, the lease again. Total amount due is $17,500.

So it's $2,350 a month? Ok says witness.

Now going back to $4,700 personal check. So it looks like Kwame paid for 2 months?

Did the Park Shelton require all money upfront? Yes.