10:35AM Judge back in the courtroom. Asks if there are any other matters before she brings the jury back. No one has anything. 

Jury is seated. 

Thomas says the defense rests. Evelyn and Shea rest. 

US Attorney Mark Chutkow says no rebuttal. 

Judge tells the jury they have been conscientious and taken lots of notes. Lots to go over. Taking the rest of this week to let the lawyers go over their closing arguments. Also have to go over instructions. 

Judge says it is her practice to go over instructions before closing arguments so that will happen Monday morning. 

The judge says the day will be erratic. Starting Monday we will go full days until jury has deliberated and reached their verdict. Again, commends them for being incredibly conscientious. Instructs them to continue not to listen, see anything or discuss anything that has to do with the case. 

10:40AM Jury excused until Monday morning. 

Judge says back at 1:00pm for discussion on instructions. Back in court Friday at 10:00am for rulings on jury instructions and Rule 29.

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